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  1. one side of XLS5000 clipping

    I didn't even have speakers hooked up to it as I did my testing. After consulting with Sweetwater, who sold it to me, they suggested that there might be a bad ground somewhere in the channel's connectors, due to the 14db disparity. (Apparently that's the amount of drop a bad ground causes, or something of that nature.) So, yes, I'm going to send it in for servicing. Thank the gods this thing didn't wait a month to spaz out on me, because that's when the warranty runs out! Thanks for the thoughts!
  2. I've got an XLS5000 (1800W @ 4 ohm per side) powering a stereo l/r pair of TCS-215 subs (dual 15", 800W rms, 1600W program, 2000W peak, 4 ohm) and being fed by a dbx DriveRack PA unit, with the crossover point properly set as appropriate for the subs. Problem is, one side of the amp keeps flashing the clip light at levels that the other side seems to handle without a problem. (From the tests I've been running, it seems to be a 14db difference between the points when the sides start clipping.) I can have my channel 2 gain all the way open, but the channel 1 (the problem side) has to be brought back to about 2:00 to minimize the flashing. I've got a big event in a few days, and only discovered this problem the other day. Is this a service issue? (I've tried switching the left and right inputs, and it's not helping. Same side channel still clips.) The event that I noticed the issue was, due to the really funky venue space, not conducive to checking the actual sound being put out of the amps. I know the subs themselves can handle a lot, but I don't want to burn the amp out. Thanks!