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  1. I resaved it un-muted and it still did it. I will mess with it tonight but is there a reset fuction to reset the whole amp and start over?
  2. I have a question in regards to my xti4000. I set up a preset in Band Manager and everything works great. However, it seems that each time I turn the amp on it will not play sound out of my subwoofer until I go back into Band Manager and hit Mute, Unmute, then everything is fine. My Preset shows up on the screen with all of the correct Icons for EQ, XOV ect.... What could be going on?
  3. XTI Crossover

    I think I have it figured out. There is only one channel out for center channel so I ended up using a XLR Splitter and went from Center Channel out to the Xti Channel 1 and Channel 2 input. Then using Band Manager I crossed High and Low at 90Hz. Now I need to work on the Slope at the crossover to blend the two together which I will work on today. I ran a test tones and there is a slight transition between the 2 at the crossover but I am getting a peak from 80 to 100Hz of about 4 db that I will need to tame. Takes some time but it is Saturday so we will see. Thank you
  4. I have an XTi2000 and want to run one top and sub for a balanced center channel in a home theater setting. 1. Do I just run the Center Channel from the receiver to Channel 1 in the XTI and then use the internal crossover? 2. Do I run the Center Channel from reciever into Channel 1 then LINK OUT to Channel 2 then use internal Crossover? Then do I set to Stereo or how does both channels get the same signal to HP and LP? I am not sure how to hook this up so I can LP the center channel into the SUB thanks
  5. Linked out XTi Question

    I do have another question: do you set channel 1 and 2 on "stereo" to do this so they are both receiving the exact same signal?
  6. Linked out XTi Question

    I know in the manual it says to keep the high on channel 2 and lows on channel 1. However if you use band manager can you override that to have the tops run on left and right channel with the same crossover points or will that effect the amp in anyway? Lets say: Xti2000- Channel 1 crossed at 80Hz on up and Channel 2 crossed at 80Hz on up Xti4000- Channel 1 crossed at LP 80Hz and Channel 2 LP 80Hz.
  7. 1. I just want to make sure I am hooking this up right for my Home Theater Receiver (Only has RCA connects) 2. Can I do it this way? 3. Is there a better way? I have a Xti 2000 and an Xti 4000 Here is my thoughts to bi amp my left and right channel. LEFT CHANNEL RCA out to XLR into Channel 1 on the Xti2000---Link out XLR Channel 1 to Xti 4000. RIGHT CHANNEL RCA out to XLR into Channel 2 on Xti2000---Link out XLR Channel 2 to Xti 4000. Run MID/HIGH's with Xti 2000, and Lows on Xti4000. Using Band Manager will this allow me to set crossovers throughout the system? Last question: Would it be better to run RCA to a "Y" splitter for each channel to go into each channel of the 2000 and 4000 for both Left and right. (NO "LINK OUT") Thank you in advance