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  1. Xti - PRX400

    Possible, only issue is I can't get too boomy. Noise complaints can be a issue. I think the 728's would be over kill. The dance area is like 30 ft wide, and 15 feet deep. So more like a rectangle. I used 4 prx635 last night, 2 per side, sounded great and no heat issues. Only down fall they weren't high enough over people's head. I will check into the srx series a little more. Maybe just one 728 would do the trick.
  2. Xti - PRX400

    The EV's are old and I don't remember. I know they use the eminence woofer. They are 15's. So all 4 are hooked into one pv2600. The 2 subs are hooked up to other pv2600. The 635 are used for mobile gigs as he does weddings on his own, he refuses to put new speakers in or upgrade anything. He is stubborn as *beep*. Since the EV's are distorting like crazy, pretty much blown, we are using the prx635's for now until we replace the EV's / pv subs or repair them. If we decide to replace them, then the owner is just going to use the sp2's he has, which would be putting 450w to each speaker, (4 total) which are 1000w program... So looks like we be going to same issue again down the road. The drive rack is the first pa. Although there is no presets for those speaker in the driverack I managed to get it sounding really well but we still are having to push the system overboard to get as loud as we want. I noticed with the 635's our dj mixer was barely bouncing into yellows and the speaker itself would never flash the limiter light and we was only using 2, where the other system would sometimes hit red. So something like the 635's would work just fine, however, with us using the system 20 hours a week, I think powered speakers wouldn't fit our needs. Afraid the speakers wouldn't get the air flow they need as we had issues this pass weekend. So something around 5k is the budget. This would be coming out of my pocket, I can't stand djing on a system that is 10+ years old and underpowered. This is installed permanently. However, this would be my system that I am letting owner use (my father). So what I am looking at is: 1. 2 prx415m with 1 prx 418s (maybe 2 if I can manage the bass waking up the neighbors.) 2. 2 prx425 since I may be limited on the bass waking the neighbors up. So question - which amp for the sets. Get a new drive rack?
  3. Xti - PRX400

    Little confused, so I see the xti2002, 475w 8 ohms / 800w 4 ohms, has a preset for the 415m (600w) / 425 (1200w 4ohms)... So question is, isn't that under powered for those speakers? I am not sure what amps would be a safe zone for DJ'ing with 2 415m / 2 418s.. Maybe 2 425 and 1 418s as we are prone to noise complaints. We don't need to be loud but I want clarity and good sound. Our current system has run it's course, 2 pv2600 powering 4 EV from like 15 years ago and 2 pv118x subs (1000w). So our whole system is under powered, I am shocked it lasted that long. I had the dbx drive rack with it which I believe it gave more life. We have some dj's that are just extremely loud on mic and everything just clips and there is no stoping it. At the moment we using the powered jbl 635 speakers, nice but they are over heating it seems and cutting out. The limiting light doesn't even come on and they are cutting out, about 2 foot from wall, can't go out farther cause of dance floor setup. So only option I can think of is mount the speakers up and go power amps / speakers.
  4. 6 VRX932LA-1 and 8 VRX918S

    Start here DriveRack - Start here.
  5. 6 VRX932LA-1 and 8 VRX918S

    I didn't set this system up. Some in house guy did, then we brought someone in from a sound company to open things up. There was so much gain structures issues, too much limiting, and so forth. I was working on the lighting system, I told them get someone else in because that is a such a cluster, I don't want the headache. But the eq is being done on another processor unit, then it jumps into the 260... (yeah I know, wtf) that processing unit jumps to a 260 which hooked up into the jbls/crowns and that main processor unit also jumps into another set of eq's crossovers that power speakers into the vip sections. So a RTA mic was prolly not used. If it was up to me, I would ran directly into the 260, set the crossover to recommended settings, (cause there is a gap in the mids and high, they don't blend in), set the correct gain, and ran the rta and worked off that to get the sound they wanted. They could split the 2 speaker systems from the board, not the processing unit. When your double limiting and compressing, it seems your defeating the purpose or over doing it (however you want to put it, lol)
  6. I been helping a nightclub out and they got 6 vrx932 and 8 vrx918 and they are hooked up to 18 (may have to count again) xti amps. Now I am not sure what amps are going to which but there are xti 1000 and 4000's and everyone of them are bridge. There is a driverack 260 on top, which is crossing over 3 way. So seems to me, that xti's 1000 are powering the high's which is getting 1000 watts (rated at 150w program), a xti 4000 to the mids 2,400w bridge (1,600w program) then the subs getting 2,400w and again 1,600w program speakers. Each amp has it own speaker form the looks of it. So is this guy that hooked this up going over board on power?! They ran the system this pass weekend and the were hardley any lows, the mids and high were piercing. They guy was running into a different dps unit were the gain was set to 30db, limiter set pretty high, and jumped into the 260 where it was limited and compressed again. The other dps unit was split into another set of eq's and crossovers that controlled a different set of speakers (aiming towards the crowd)... So basicly 2 systems, jbl and crowns on the dance floor, and entirely different system to the vip sections. and etc. So aside from the other system, what can we do with the JBL and Crown system? Use the 260? Use the XTI for tunings and xover settings? We had a guy come in from a sound compnay and he was suggesting to load the speaker presets into the amps and turning the amps all the way to full as the amps right now are turned to about 30-45% on the levels. Not sure what this guy is going to do from the sound company that looked at it today, but he lowered the gain down to about 6db on the main dps unit, lightened the limiters, and it sounded better but seems there need to be more work. Thanks and sorry for the long confusing post. lol