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  1. The point is not to get more power, but to use whats available without letting the impedance drop too much. From the literature, it seems like the amps dont like to be run at 2.67 ohms or 2 ohms for that matter. I also think that the audience prefers to have the speakers closer in proximity and at less volume, rather than blasting them from stage speakers
  2. How do you feel about running these systems in "series/parallel" to bring the impedance up a bit consisting of 2 parallel branches- 1 branch has one 8 ohm speaker, the other parallel branch has two 8 ohm speakers in series, therefore: total impedance would be 1/((1/8)+(1/16)) = 5.33 ohms Now I can bridge the amp. Speaing of series/parallel connections, have you heard of making a custom "speakon" speaker wire which will run 2 speakers in series?
  3. I take this as a coincidental answer to my question (see my post) How about running them in series/parallel to keep the impedance up. And if so, I never saw any body talk about reversing the wiring on your Speakon connectors so they would be + to - (series) instead of + to + (parallel)?
  4. I need you to check my calculations: The Karmalite 3ck012HOs have a 400Watt continuous power rating. Im starting to wonder whether the Crown XTI 2000 that I got is man-enough to power 6 Eminence Kappalite 3012HO's (3 per channel). ( I dont want to blow up my new speakers): Total impedance for 3 - Jack 12s at 8 ohms is 2.67 ohms. From Crown's specs , the Crown Xti 2000 gives 1000 Watts per channel at 2ohms. Adjust, now Power output = Pr x (Zr/Zt), where Zr= 2ohms; Zt=2.67 ohms. Pr =1000 watts so Power output (at 2.67 ohms) = 749 Watts. Power seen by each speaker = Po x (Zt/Zn); where Zn = 8ohms so Power seen by 1 Jack 12 is 250Watts, however the speakers are rated at 400 Watts. So, I thought to get the maximum power that the speakers can handle, I thought the following: if I bridge my amplifier so it gives 2000 watts at 4 ohms - that powers the left side. so Power output = Pr x (Zr/Zt), where Zr= 4ohms; Zt=2.67 ohms. Pr =2000 watts so Power output (bridged) (at 2.67 ohms) = 2996 Watts. (This extrapolation feels kind of shaky) Power seen by each speaker = Po x (Zt/Zn); where Zn = 8ohms = 667 Watts. Crown recommends as follows: " If you are mainly doing light dance music or voice, we recommend that the amplifier power be 1.6 times the Continuous Power rating per channel. If you are doing heavy metal/grunge, try 2.5 times the Continuous Power rating per channel. The amplifier power must be rated for the impedance of the loudspeaker (2, 4, 8 or 16 ohms)." So 667 watts/400 watts = 1.67 Is that correct? or did I make a bad assumption or use a wrong equations. The examples on your website are for the simple case.