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  1. With my Crown XLS, If I send out 1100 watts bridged to (2) linked or chained speakers do the watts become divided between the 2 speakers or do they both get 1100 watts each? Also Can I set the XLS to bridged and use a 1/4 splitter to go to two speakers and would that keep the ohms from dividing? Thanks!
  2. Crown XLS, Hz?

    This is GREAT info and all I need, THANK YOU!!! Have a good one!
  3. I have set up this Crown XLS to run in HighPass Mode at the moment and I’m running two 150w 8ohm stereo speakers. This is just the practice setup at the moment. As I was setting up the crown I see an option for a Hz setting. It is set at 86Hz at the moment. Can someone tell me what this is for or is there a webpage that can explain this to me for my needs in a PA capacity? Thanks
  4. Hooking up the XLS 1000

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  5. I have an idea of how to hook this up but I just don’t want to fry the amp or blow anything up. I’m a bit conflicted about info I’m finding on the net about bridging my new XLS1000 amp and how ohms work. And I’m still looking at speakers. I’m not looking for advice on brands or types I just need the facts on bridging and ohms. One: I have heard that when you parallel or chain 8ohm speakers together that the ohms change as you add Speakers dividing ohms of the speakers from 8 to 4 with two speakers and divide to 2ohms with three speakers. So if I want to run the XLS1000 at 550 watts 2ohms stereo then can I hook up three 8ohms in a chain to get the full 550watts per Ch.? Two: Does bridge mean hooking two amps together or is it hooking both channels together of the same amp to get the max power of 1100watts mono @ 4ohms? Two 8ohm Speakers run parallel? Thankyou