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  1. Non-functional XTI 1000

    Thanks, now the tough part, locating my receipt! Kevin, What is the preferred carrier for shipping to factory service?
  2. Non-functional XTI 1000

    Thanks, now the tough part, locating my receipt!
  3. Hello all, Did a gig using two PRX-615m's and 1 MRX-518s driven off an XTI-1000. Signal went through a DriveRack PA and set up via the wizard. The XTI seemed to function normal, i.e. no distortion, clipping, etc. all of a sudden, I lose my low end. The amp was off. My thought was overheating but no indication of that on the front panel. Turned unit off and even unplugged it, still dead. The next day, popped the cover to check the fuse and it was good. No signs of anything looking burned. Please advise. S/N 8001465753 Kirk
  4. Sub Choices

    Thanks for the info.
  5. Sub Choices

    That's part of the learning curve. Try and Try again!
  6. Sub Choices

    Thanks for the advice, will consider it
  7. Sub Choices

    I totaly agree. I'm going to go with the MRX 518s. I would rather have the SRX, but my budget doesn't allow for it now.
  8. Sub Choices

    From what I'm reading, the whole SRX line is power hungry. I will most definitely have to upgrade my amp soon. Thanks for the info.
  9. Sub Choices

    Hello all, I have been a Crown fan since the early 80's when i was exposed to the likes of the PSA-2 and the Micro/Macrotech line. I currently own a a pair of PRX-615m and also have a XTI-1000. I am looking to buy a sub and have it narrowed to either a MRX 518s or SRX 718s. I know that the MRX is a better match as far as specs are concerned and I'm also aware of running this amp in bridged mono. My question is, can I get away with 1KW into the SRX without issues? Thanks in advance.