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  1. seccond hand crown, QSC etc etc is pritty much non existant in my area so thats not an option. I will have a look into the IT range.
  2. That is correct yes. The cabs there going into they shouldnt need huge power to reach there full potential, This has not been tested yet so im just trying to cover all my bases with possible amp combos, Would like to cover bass with one amp. being run at 3 ohms would well and truly ring out every watt of power from the amp too. The subs will be run on very tight crossovers with very steep slopes so the only real way of killing one of the drivers is to exceed its thermal limit. As the build progresses testing will be done to see how far i can push the amp and subs until the point where no gains are had in terms of adding cabs to the chain.
  3. 9 Beyma 18G50's in 3 groups of 3. each group in parralel then each group wired together in series, Hard to explain haha.
  4. Hello, Im looking at upgrading to ether the XTI4000 or XTI6000, But has anyone ran them at 3 ohms while in bridged mode? any issues at all? Cheers, Jack