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  1. D-75 120VAC to 220VAC

    Thanks :-( I will use a 110/220 transformer.
  2. I have bought a D-75 amp in the US and I would like to change the power AC from 120 to 220 to use it in Europe. The manual says that 120VAC/60Hz US models can't be modified and International models can. Does the fact that my amp has a label "50 to 400hz" means that it is an international model and that i can switch to 220VAC without burning my studio ? The schematic view is very clear on the operations i have to do to switch to 220VAC but on the manual schema, the orange goes directly from the plug to the connector block and the white goes through the fuse and the power switch to the connector block...on my D75, it's the opposite. I don't think it will change anything but i rather ask ;-) At A, there is also a white/orange cable that goes to the op led. Do i have to move it to B as well with the long orange wire ? Thanks, Anthony