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  1. Since the 2x12 cabs I want to buy are 120 Watt RMS the Crown XLS 2500 may be overkill!! Maybe the 1500 would be enough!?
  2. (Sorry for the long post but I need help fast because I want to be able to buy what I need pretty fast since my axe fx is on it's way!) Well let me start by saying that I'm a newb in SS power amp! I have always use tubes power amp for my guitar amps! I ordered few days ago a guitar preamp called Axe Fx ultra and I'm looking for an ss power amp to go with it! I have read good reviews about crowns stuff so I started to look on the products here on crownaudio.com! Let me say that I'm a bit lost Not sure of wich model i would need, the XLS 2000 or XLS 2500 are in my price range. Do they have enough power? I know how loud an 100watt mesa boogie is but what about 1550 or 2400 watt bridge mono? or 775 watt stereo? Is matching ohms between the ss power amp and cab important (like with a tube amp?) If yes I get another problem:P I need to order a guitar cab for my new gear. I will start with an avatar 2x12 with v30's cab. I need to choose between 4 ohm cab, 8 ohm cab, 16 ohm cab, stereo cab or mono cab. But if i like that cab I'll add another 2x12 with G12T75. I want two 2x12 cab to have the option to run two different setups in the axe fx ultra (ex: a marshall on one cab and a mesa or bogner on the other) and split the 2 cabs to have like a stereo effect. But I may also prefer to just use the 2 cabs stack like a 4x12 with only one setup in the axe Fx. I guess that I should go with 4ohms if i look at the specs of the Crown power amp? I would get 2400W on 4ohms in bridge mono and 775W (per chan) in 4ohms stereo? Right? Crown XLS 2500 ( or is the 200 enough) Stereo, 2 ohms (per ch.) 1200W Stereo, 4 ohms (per ch.) 775W Stereo, 8 ohms (per ch.) 440W Bridge-Mono, 8 ohms 1550W Bridge-Mono, 4 ohms 2400W