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  1. Hi kevin, thanks for your help. Now i am able to read the amplifier parameters. i tried to do the same to write some parameters, but the amplifier reply with many error messages. i need the correct write messade_id for set one parameter. Until now i have used IDmessage=0x0101 to set one parameter Num_Param=0x0001, param_id =0x0001(exemple), param_DataType= 0x06 float, param_value 0x41F00000 (for float frequency=30hz) please correct me if i do wrong.
  2. hi, I would like to monitor the amplifier using SNMP or UDP? If some one have any documentations or exemples please send it my email Thanks all
  3. Thanks Kevin, My email is Please give me your suggestions about the best way to interface with your amplifiers. and what can you give me to do that ? Thanks
  4. I want to do some software in or c++ to get and set amplifier parameters (lake the system architect). i need to now how can i do that, the varaibles names and if there is some libs it will be helful. please give me yours suggestions. Thanks all.