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  1. XTi 1000 meter light question.

    Kevin, FYI. When I stopped using my PA+ for the tunings and crossovers the meters on the XTi's and band manager (input) now move together. Channel two is now working fine. I guess its from doing the full band pass on the PA+.
  2. XTi's Crossover Info Needed

    I wanted to post what I ended up finding wrong with my system. I was still having trouble with the sound quality (highs to strong) no matter what I did using the Driverack PA+ with the JBL VRX932's. After many post on the dbx forums Dra and Gadget noticed that the VRX speaker tunings require more filters than the PA+ offers. VRX 932's need 4 filters but the PA+ only go up to 3 on the highs. (The Driverack 260 offers 4 filters but if I ever had two 932's linked together then the speaker tunings would need 5 filters and the 260 doesn't offer 5.) I ended up setting up the PA+ with a full band pass so that all signals passed through it and then loaded the Crown XTi's with the speaker tunings and crossover in them. Using Band Manager. The XTi's offer 8 filters which is plenty, no matter how many VRX's you have per channel. Something that I've learned that I'll pass along is the PEQ's on the PA+ and 260, are the speaker tunings but on the XTi's in Band Manager the speaker tunings are installed in the Out EQ and you should leave them alone, JBL knows what their doing. Took me awhile to figure that one out. Now I'm getting great sound quality without the ear bleeding highs and I'm still using the PA+ for Auto EQ. Which is working much better now that I have the filter thing fixed. So at this moment I feel this was causing my problem, but as I've stated on other posts this is what I've learned over the last few weeks messing with this system and there is a lot of room for error. Hope this might help someone that might be having a like problem. Rick
  3. 6 VRX932LA-1 and 8 VRX918S

    Not sure if Jscott still needs help, but his situations is different than mine. He has the Driverack 260 which has enough filters for the VRX 932's as long as each channel on the amps only powers one 932, if it powers more than one 932 then the speaker tunings need 5 filters on the highs. Which I don't think the 260 can do. But it sounded like they had the 260 bypassed and it's not being used for tunings at all. So he really needs to check to see if the Out EQ's on the XTi's have the speaker tunings installed there. If not there the first problem. IMHO But he'll have to have the amps connected to Band Manager to check that. The Highs Mids and Lows should all be different, The highs should have at least 4 filters with one of them being a long Low Shelf setting. The mids and subs should just have 2 filters each. This is what I've figured out in the last few weeks messing with mine, so there's lots of room for error.
  4. 6 VRX932LA-1 and 8 VRX918S

    Well darn, Was hoping you were using the 260 and we might figure out something that really works well for both of us. I've got mine under control (for now) and was wondering if my set up would help you also. I'd be real tempted to just let the 260 do all the work (That's what its for. ) and see what it could do for you using the set up I mentioned. But there is a learning curve with it and that could be why its not being used at it's full potential.
  5. 6 VRX932LA-1 and 8 VRX918S

    Wow, About the same system I have and the same problem I'm having. (little bass and ear bleeding highs with dbx PA+ Crown XTi's tri amped, VRX 900 system) It will be interesting to see how you fix it. On mine most of the problem seems to be the PA+'s EQ. I have to reduce all signals (on the PA+'s EQ) below 160 and above 800 in half to get the system sounding better. I have the high amp turned down to about 45%, the mid and low's are around 79%. Can I ask how your setting up the EQ on the 260? Are you auto EQing using a RTA mic? Did you do the wizard and load your system in and let it set your PEQ's. Rick
  6. XTi 1000 meter light question.

    Thanks for taking the time to explain some of the issues you get into designing an amp. Not that I understand it all, its just nice to know there is a reason why channel 2 meter is not coming on. This amp does have a lot of ( what I would call ) air noise coming from the tweeters when its just sitting there. (Even with no inputs connected to the amp) The VXR's have three tweeters per box and I think they really amplify this noise. Its not a problem once you start playing music. Thanks again. Rick
  7. XTi 1000 meter light question.

    Ouch! That hurts. Interesting issue, I thought the XTi were two completely separate amps in one box. Why is it that channel 1's meter can see the higher frequencies and channel 2's meter can't. Cheaper meter on channel 2? I don't really expect a reason, its just that I really like the Crown brand name and I'm worried these XTi's (with all the issues, recalls, ribbon cable ) is going to change my mind. So the Band Manager is just relaying what the meters are doing? And that's why I'm seeing the same thing on Band Manager? I built a new system around the dbx PA+ because I read about how you can Auto EQ a room with the RTA mic and can quickly have a great sounding system. I bought the JBL VRX speakers, and the amps JBL recommended and then found out the PA+ really can't Auto EQ a room that easy and you still have to do it by ear. Now I have an amp that I have to overlook a meter not working on one side. I'm a bit disappointed. Wonder if the XTi2's will have the same problem. It is nice that you guys are here helping us with our issue though. Thanks for replying Kevin. Rick
  8. I have a tri amped system using three XTi's (1000, 6000, & 6000) On the XTi 1000 (serial number 8500400568) the ready meter lights come on both channels, but channel 2 rarely shows a signal input or any other lights about that. Channel 1 will show a signal light as soon as it get a signal but not channel 2. Even on Band Manager I rarely see any movement on the input side on channel 2. On Band Manager I do see an output signal near the same as channel 1 output but very little on the channel 2 input meter. I've switch the XLR cables and reversed the XLR cables at the mixer and channel 2 still rarely shows a signal light. I have a dbx PA+ and I can balance the room with the RTA mic and it seems I getting an even output on both channels but the channel 2 side shows very little input on the meter and Band Manager. I did a gain set up (last night) on it using pink noise and with everything right at clipping the channel 2 meter was flickering a few times on the signal light. Yet Band Manager showed very little input but near clipping output. This amp is powering my highs which are JBL VXR 932 in bi amp. Any ideas? (Like ribbon cable???) Thanks Rick
  9. XTi's Crossover Info Needed

    Thanks for replying, I've been DJing for 4 years for a couple of dance clubs here in town. ( Ballroom and Swing clubs ) My other system is JBL PRX 515 (2 per side) and PRX 518's (1 per side). I'm using Virtual DJ and a dual CD player into a Numark C3USB Mixer then to a BBE 882i sonic maximizer then to the JBL's. Its always done a good job and I pretty much setup and play with no sound issues. I got reading about the DRPA+ and tri amping and I thought I'd build an ultimate system that would really sound great. So I built the new system I listed before. I'm still using Virtual DJ and the USB mixer but took the sonic maximizer out and replaced it with the DRPA+. I left the Crowns with DSP off and I let the DRPA+ do all the speaker tunings and GEQ and PEQ using the wizard. The past couple of weeks I've been testing the system at home in my shop. I've got the RTA mic and did all the balancing and auto EQ and it would still need a lot of tweeking to get the bass to be heard and to kill some of the ear piercing highs. I felt that some of the problem was the small room I was in doing all this testing. My first dance with the new system was this past weekend and I went 6 hours early to play with the system before the dance. The building is an old VFW (60 X 80 ) with wood floor and concrete walls and lots of HVAC duct work over head. I set up the RTA mic and balanced the room and then did an auto EQ on high and it passed and then I gave it a try. It had very little bass and it sounded like it was in a barrel. I tried all the preset EQ's and none of them were usable, even after manually working on the EQ. I ended up using one that I saved from home that sounded the best. But I still found the system to be a struggle to keep every song sounding good with full range. One song would be prefect then the next would have the ear piercing highs or very little bass. Most of the crowd thought it was fine, but it wasn't what I was hoping for. ( keep in mind I'm playing ballroom and swing music and only get up to 80 - 90 dB's or so but I'm wanting a rich full range of sound on every song. I want to hear what the bass player is playing along with the singer breathing. ). The reason I went with the VRX 932's is because I also play a large room 100 X 200 several times a year and felt I needed something more than the PRX's. Plus one VRX 932 would replace two PRX 515's. Less to set up. The next day after the dance I got up early and set it back up at home and tried running the EQ through Band Manager. On the DRPA I turned the GEQ and PEQ's to off. I still used the crossovers and JBL speaker tunings from it. I was able to get it sounding the best yet and most every song I tried had a good full range of sound. Some still had highs that would scare you but I pulled the high shelf down to get it under control. Since I'm still running through the DRPA I'm worried that I may be getting a signal that's not true flat and I'm EQing some odd signal with Band Manager. So maybe it would just be better to remove the DRPA completely. I'm to the point were I feel using the RTA mic is a waste of time, it did nothing for me that I know of. I really fell for the YouTube video that has the DBX guy showing how easy it is to set up a system using the wizard and pressing the next page button. Even DBX's web site states "Within minutes, your system will sound like it was tuned by a pro! No experience required." I forgot to mention that I was using Band Manager in my first post, I used it during the dance to monitor the inputs and outputs of the amps. Wanted to be sure I wasn't clipping at 80 dB's I've never set up the XTi's in tri amp and I was hoping for a good place to see some examples or such. I still don't know when to use EQ or outEQ? I know nothing about CD horn settings, But it sounds like something that would help. But I figured posting on here and getting your input would save me months of aggravation. I may also post on DBX forum, I've read most of the post I could find there about this stuff. I know one company owns most of these brands and I love JBL and Crown products and feel the DBX DRPA+ is a good product also. I have always felt good about buying the best and that's how I feel about this stuff. But I may be in over my head on this one. Any advice or help you can give me I truly appreciate. Sorry for the length and thanks again for your help. Rick
  10. I'm running a new tri amped system (2 weeks old) with DRPA+, XTi 1000 on highs, XTi 6000 on mid's and XTi 6000 on subs with JBL VRX 932 (1 per side) and JBL VRX 918 (1 per side). The DRPA+ is driving me nuts (can't get happy with the sound) and I'd like to just cut it out completely and let the XTi's do the crossovers, EQ, everything etc. But I can't find much info about setting up the crossovers on the XTi's. Can you point me in the right direction? Or is this not the way I should go? Thanks Rick
  11. New XTi

    Any idea when the new XTi's will be available?