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  1. XTI always ON

    Thats Freeking Awesome!
  2. Finally upgraded to a SRX718S Sub! I have 2 amps on hand for this sub. Crown XTi2000 or Mackie FR2500 When i hook up either amp bridged and crank it up the cone sounds like it distorting right before the amp clips. Seems as if this is too much power for the sub which it cant be. This sub is rated at 3200 watts peak. My JBL MRX528S never did this on either one of these amps. I could clip all day and push those things hard and never would never distort or sounds weird. Crown XTi2000 bridged at 8ohms is 1600 watts which is 100% of RMS Mackie FR2500 bridged at 8ohms is 1500 watts which is 95% of RMS The MRX528S was at 100% RMS at 4ohms 2000 watts on my bridged XTi2000 and sounded fine. These subs need a break in period or maybe it's defective from JBL, i have no clue. Either way i brought it brand new from a JBL retailer.
  3. Its actually a totally different Speakon connector so i wont get it mixed up. I just found out my MRX 528S was wired wrong the whole time. Now with the new connector and everything hooked up correctly this thing really jams at 2000 watts at 4 ohms bridged on my other XTi2000. Phew, really glad i ame on here or i could have messed my other XTi2000 up. So now i know exactly how all this stuff works pretty well. Shoulda did more reading before! I guess i was too impatient. (facepalm) Thanks again fud!
  4. Alright, i did some research and found out the cables i have won't work to run this amp in Bridged mono. So i went and got a Speakon NL4 connector and hooked them up on one end of the cable to 1+ and 2+ for my output on the amp on channel 1. I left the other end alone, as well as the cable i used to link the other MRX to it. At 1000 watts a piece these speakers sound way stronger! Only problem is i get 1% THD opposed to 0.5% THD in stereo. I really should have a Crown XTi4000 to run these safely in stereo. Thanks for the advice again fud57. Crown AMPS FTW!
  5. Alright i will do some more research before i hook this up and mess something up. Thanks alot for your help fud57.
  6. I am using Speakon 12 ga. cables. I don't think there is anyway to hook this up differently, is there? I plug one Speakon cable to Channel 1 on the amp and into one MRX and another speakon into that bottom of the in/out MRX and take the 2nd cable to the other speaker.
  7. I am a little concerend about this, When you put an amp in bridge, it is set up to work in bridge mono. So when you "throw" the bridge switch, Channel two of the amp is now out of polarity with channel 1. IF you do not have your positive speaker wire attache to the red terminal of channel 1 or +1 speakon and your negative speaker wire attached to the red terminal of channel 2 or +2 speakon, you are NOT connected correctly. Im going to check my speakon cables tonight when i get home. I was told just to run stereo so i get both left and right channels versus running bridged mono i only get a left channel (not true stereo)
  8. Thanks for the info fud57. I have played around with bandmanager alot. Its very nice but i prefer the dsp the driverack has. I use a rtm mic to get everything dialed in perfectly. I have no problem running bridged parallel on my xti 2000 i just hate the fact that i cant get sound from both left and right channels played into the speakers. Alot of my right channel sound isnt there which kind of iritates me. Oh well thanks again.
  9. I currently have a Crown XTi 2000, and a pair of JBL MRX 515. I would like to play these speakers in stereo, but the amp seems to be underpowering the cabinets. I'm always sure to monitor clipping through my DBX Driverack PA+. I run the speakers with a filter of 80hz-20khz. What are my options to get more out of these speakers? They don't seem to be as strong and loud as they could be. I also have tried Bridging the amp and daisey chaining the speakers in parallel. From my understanding, doing that makes the load at 4 ohms since each speaker is 8 ohms. The XTi has a output power of 2000 watts bridged at 4 ohms with (1% THD) coming through. Any advise will be appreciated. If i have to sell this amp and upgrade to something bigger, then i will do so. What amp would work absolutely best for these cabinets if not this one.