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  1. Micro-Tech 1200LX Issue

    Sorry for the delay in replying to your reply. This sounds like something I might be able to fix (reset?) on my own, and I do know how to use a phillips screwdriver. Could it possibly be a blown fuse and/or tripped circuit breaker? Thank you for your reply! - Dale
  2. Greetings, everyone. Newbie here. Please be gentle :-) I inherited an old Crown Micro-Tech 1200LX about a year ago and it has worked great until tonight. The right channel is gone. The green LED for the right channel does not go out after power-up. It stays on steady, even without a signal to it. The left channel works as expected. I've tried to find a user manuals PDF, to no avail. I've tried searching, but come up with too many results to weed through. Would someone please tell me what this means, or please point me to where this has already been discussed? Thank you! - Dale