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  1. XLS1500 & 2 18"subs

    Thanks fud57 for the reply i dont know much about this kinda stuff yet i'm still learning so thanks for the reply it's very helpful.
  2. XLS1500 & 2 18"subs

    Hello, i have a XLS1500 Drive Core Amp and i was wondering if it would be safe to run two HX118S subs off of it, here are the specs. Power Handling (RMS): 400 Watts Power Handling (Peak Sine): 800 Watts Power Handling (Peak Program): 1600 Watts Frequency Response: 32 Hz — 250 Hz Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms22"H x Sensitivity (1w, 1m): 98 dB Max SPL: 128 dB And i was also wondering if i can run two of these amps on a 15amp breaker without tripping it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!
  3. XLS 1500 Inputs

    It says in my manual that there are 2 - 1/4 inch input connectors provided (one per channel). These inputs can also be used to loop-thru signal to additional amplifiers. There are also 2 balanced XLR inputs, and 2 RCA (Phono) inputs. Hope this helps
  4. Need help with my XLS1500

    Hi Guys thanks for all the help and taking the time to reply, i really appreciate it, i fixed my problem, i stayed up till about 8:00am this morning looking at it and thinking about, i was trying not to over think the situation though lol, so i knew i wasnt pushing my sub hard enough and i also knew that the amp should easily be capable of doing this, so like you guys mentioned i figured i wasnt sending enough input into the amp but i couldnt turn the mixer up any more because the lows were killing my 15" speakers, so then i remembered that the drums had a left and right channel and i was only using the right lol so the solution was quite simple, i hooked up the left channel and balanced my drums and the mixer so that the Hi tom, Low tom, floor tom, and bass drum is all on the right channel going to the sub and my cymbals snare and hihat are on the left channel going to the powered speakers and i can fade my right channel back to the left a little if i need to, so now i can turn my mixer up and push everything harder, and the sub is hitting hard enough to shake the whole room now with the amp at around 1/2 way up. So everything sounds good now, nothing is clipping and nothing is running hot. I'm very satisfied with the XLS1500 amp. If there is anything wrong with what i have done please feel free to reply, i would rather learn and do things wright than to do it wrong and mess things up, and thanks again for the help and info. Oh and if anyone knows about how many Amps the XLS1500 pulls i would really like to know, thanks.
  5. I bought a XLS1500 amp a few days ago to power a 18" sub, i play drums (electronic) and its only for home use, i also have 2 15" powered speakers (dont really want them but thats all i have right now) this is how its set up, drums to the mixer / mixer to XLS1500 amp / amp to the sub, for my powered speakers, drums to the mixer / mixer to the powered speakers, my drums volume level is set to 1/2 way, the input for my drums on the mixer is set to 1/2 way and my powered speakers are only 1/4 of the way up, everything sounds good nothing is clipping but to get my sub where i want it i have to turn my XLS1500 amp 3/4 of the way up, at 1/2 way i cant hardly tell that i even have my sub hooked up, should i have to turn a 1500 watt amp that far up? is there a way to fix this or am i just going to have to buy some passive speakers and turn everything else up? I probably should also mention that my amp is set to (bridge/lowpass) and i also have it bridged on the back of the amp. Any help on this would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.