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  1. Thank you for ur reply, I checked it out and unfortunately the XLS 802 is different and does not have that rectangular cover thing below where the 602 does, instead there is a circuit breaker button below the IEC on the 802. I'm quite sure you would be correct tho if it were XLS 602. I think my chances are starting to run slim, I can't find any info on it. I'm thinking maybe the circuit breaker replaces the selector on the 802 and perhaps there is no selector. Hmm, I hope I didn't just blow my money away. I'll keep searching for info, otherwise I'll have to start thinking what else I can do. but thank you again.
  2. Hi guys, I purchased a Crown XLS802D from the U.S. and i live in Australia. The crown amplifier I purchased runs off 120VAC 60Hz and in Australia our power outlets supply 240VAC 50Hz. I noticed that the specs say "AC Line Voltage and Frequency Configurations Available (± 10%)" then it has: 120VAC 60Hz 100VAC 50/60 Hz 220 VAC 50Hz 230-240 VAC 50 Hz Does anyone know how to do this configuration? or perhaps any suggestions? Thanks. Juan