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  1. Alright, so i just had a revelation... In that 2nd link, the JBL JRX125... each of those 15's is really a mid-bass driver, and you are supposed to add an additional subwoofer?? Am i understanding that correct? I just never realized that a mid-bass speaker would be bigger than 8" (Car audio mindset) And say i were to buy that set of JBL's... What else do i need? i just cant find what is needed as a source unit? (output device) To hook them up to a computer via an optical cable or something... EDIT: Oh, and im from the Cleveland, OH area. My bad, forgot you asked.
  2. I took a look at the MRX stuff you talked about. I guess one thing i dont understand is this: Why are they only two way? I just cant see how its good to run your mid-bass and your lows on the same driver... Wouldn't it be preferable to have a 3 way system?
  3. Alright, perfect. Little background information on what i do know... Been into car audio for about 3 years. I'm currently running a set of RF power components, and a set of Infinity kappa perfect 6x9's off of a Diablo Audio Technologies 4.125 amp. (Will be removing the rear stage soon, and adding more components up front) The headunit is an Alpine 9887, which gives me full crossover control, as well as a 7 band equalizer, time alignment, and all that jazz. I have a single 18" Sundown Audio sub being powered by two Sundown Audio 1500's. I built the box myself, it have two 6" aeroports and its tuned to ~29hz I have 2 XS power batteries, have upgraded all my electrical... All that jazz. I did all the work myself, including the enclosure for the sub, and i like to consider myself pretty well educated in that field. I just want to move into the home audio world. My plan was to build two towers.. The bottom of each tower will have a subwoofer enclosure, preferably ported and these enclosures will be sealed off from the midrange drivers (obviously). On top of each subwoofer will be 2x 6.5" midrange drivers with a single 2"-4" aeroport and 2x tweeters. So basically about 4' tall per tower. Something like two 12"s, four 6.5"s, and four tweets. For me this is really just a learning/fun thing, on a relative budget. Im aiming more for SPL than SQ. The speakers will be used most of the time just to have really freakin loud music in my room. I live in a fraternity house, so whenever we have events/parties/dances in the house i want to be able to move them into our main room for everyones enjoyment. I'm confident i can build the enclosures, if anything i will just need to do a little bit more research but i already know most of the math involved there. My main problem is simply the fact that i don't know what i need. I know i need amps, and thats where it ends... In a car the head-unit acts as the output device and sometimes the x-over (depending on the unit), i don't know what i need for that. I dont know if i need some sort of mixer or equalizer, or a driverack (<- I dont even know what that is, but i heard about them just through reading things online) Basically i just want to be able to hook this up to my computer, my tv, and in simple times just my iphone. Most of what gets connected to it will be through an optical audio cable. It's not meant to sound amazing, just to entertain myself, to learn a little about PA's, and to use for events. Hopefully this helps! Heck, even if you just link me to some amazon pages with stuff that i need. The only thing i know is that i will be getting two Crown Xti 1000's to power everything.
  4. So, because i did not know what DSP was your not going to help me learn what i need for an output device? lol Its hard to learn when you dont really know what product your looking for...
  5. Awesome! Thank you very much! Like i said before, im not exactly a pro at this... I don't even know what i need as for an "output device" can you make some suggestions for me? This will just be a small system that i will be using for personal entertainment, as well as a couple fraternity events where we need music. I will take a look at those amps too. I'm not positive what DSP is, but im assuming its SQ related, so thats obviously a good thing!
  6. Alright, i tried to get some help on this on some other forums, did not get any answers... I have never played with the home audio world, i have always just kinda stuck to having a system in my car. I just want something that i can hook up to my TV/PS3(Optical)/computer(optical)/Ipod(Coax) Im wanting to build myself two towers, one 12" sub in the bottom, with two 1.5" tweeters, and two 6.5" mids on top. The building is the easy part. I just dont know what i actually need to make it all work. I was thinking of getting two Crown XLS1000's. Using one amp to power the mids and highs, and the other amp to power the subs. The one amp would run the mids on 1 channel, and he highs on the other channel. Question: Will i be able to bandpass the mids so they only play a certain range? According to the website i can either: Crossover Mode (CH1=LPF, CH2=HPF) – When chosen, this mode enables a LowPass Filter on Channel 1 and a HighPass Filter on Channel 2 at the frequency chosen. LowPass Mode (CH1=LPF, CH2=LPF) – When chosen, this mode enables a LowPass Filter on both Channel 1 and Channel 1 at the frequency chosen. HighPass Mode (CH1=HPF, CH2=HPF) – When chosen, this mode enables a HighPass Filter on both Channel 1 and Channel 2 at the frequency chosen. Bridge Mode (LPF or HPF) – When the amplifier is put into Bridge-Mono, you are still able to use the crossover system and employ either a LowPass Filter or HighPass Filter at the frequency chosen. All of the PureBand™ Crossover System settings can be fully configured quickly and easily from the front panel using the intuitive LCD interface. So i know i can put a high pass on the Tweeter channel, and a Lowpass on the mids, but i dont see anything about bandpassing... My other main question, what else do i need? Do i need some sort of input device/mixer, do i need an equalizer? If you guys could point me in the right direction to some affordable devices i would be extremely thankful.