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  1. Thanks Kevin....that sounds like a good idea. I was just hoping that there was a preset I could just load in...I guess my ears will be the ultimate preset! Thanks again, Gary
  2. I have both an xti4000 & xti6000 available for simply 2 Jbl srx 712 monitors. I have chosen to use the xti6000 because in stereo mode the xti4000 slightly under powers the monitors. I just want to use channel 1 for one monitor and channel 2 for a second monitor so I can get 2 separate monitor mixes. My problem lies in the fact that in Jbl's site I can't fine any tunings/settings for the srx712's in passive mode with no subs....what are the xover points and eq's and slopes used etc... I see that the band manager presets for the xti amps also don't have a preset for the 712's as passive stand alone monitors....they too have the 712's either biamped or used with subs so the crossover points are off. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gary
  3. XTi6000 connected to XLS 5000

    Thanks again for the suggestions. I have 1 dbx dr260 and I am currently running my mains on one channel and my subs on the other. My hope was to run the subs off of the xti6000 and xls5000 and using the dsp on the crown and leave the the 2nd channel on the driverack for my monitors for feedback suppression etc...but I obviously either need another amp w/dsp or another driverack. How expensive are the IT4k amps? The main reason I got the Xti6000 was crowns current $400 rebate and I found a good price new and my net price with rebate was only $927 delivered...can't really beat that for that amp. I can get an XTi4000 for $725 -(200 rebate) = $525 and that would be enough power for my 2nd pair of subs, do you think that another DR260 or the amp is a better idea? Thanks, Gary
  4. I am using an XTi 6000 in bridged mode to power 2 JBL srx 718 subs and my question is can I come out of the XTi6000 into a Crown XLS 5000 to power 2 more JBL 718's and still get the dsp settings from the XTi6000 to pass into the XLS5000 for the second pair of subs? Thanks, Gary