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  1. But is'nt a higher damping factor better and important for bass? Would that not make the 1500 better for subwoofer applications? Or is the two damping factors effectively the same for most audio listening?
  2. What is the damping factor for the XLS 1500? I am using this in a subwoofer application, 10-80hz. What other performance differences are there between the XLS1000 and XLS1500 for driving a subwoofer besides just the watts out? I have both the XLS 1000 and XLS 1500 here and wondering which to use for my subwoofer.
  3. I am having some fun with my new Crown XLS 1000 and my HSU TN1220 subwoofers. You can read about my thoughts here: I have a HSU Bass Optimizer box with my subs that has the ability to boost the LFE signal by +14db which helped to properly drive the crown amp.
  4. thank you for your response. I am using a Panasonic BX500 (digital class d with TI tripath chips just like the XLS) receiver which has the ability to increase the LFE output in 16 increments (but not to +10db). I am then feeding the LFE into a Beringer BFD1124 parametric EQ. The BFD is a unity gain device, so it can boost EQ filters, but cannot to my knowledge convert from home to pro line levels. The BFD then feeds the crown XLS. Should I be looking into a samson s convert or similar device if I am still having issues after playing around with my setup?
  5. I am using the XLS 1000 in a hometheater application to power my passive subwoofer. The LFE out of my HT receiver is of course RCA and unbalanced and a home -10dbV signal. On the back of the XLS 1000 you have your choice of XLR and RCA inputs. Are the XLS 1000 RCA inputs expecting a HOME -10dbV or a PRO +4dbu signal? I am having trouble getting enough volume in my subs.
  6. Crown XLS1500

    I just ordered a XLS1000 online. Is this microcontroller problem an issue in the XLS1000 line? What serial numbers are affected?