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  1. XTI 4000 Pink Noise Generator

    I can agree with the use of some "noise" to troubleshoot what is working and what it not working. But the pink noise generator in the amp will only troubleshoot between the amp and the speakers. The upstream stuff could be a part of or all of the problem if something isn't working. Plugging an IPOD into the mixer gives you a sound that isn't obnoxious to people who may be in the room you are working in if all you are doing is troubleshooting something that doesn't seem to work. Everybody to there own choice of options.
  2. XTI 4000 Pink Noise Generator

    That's pretty much what I thought. I guess I'm wondering what the point is in including a pink noise generator in the amp when its pretty worthless without the rest of the instructions, software, and hardware needed to use it. I bought two xTi 4000 recently and I'm wondering if part of the cost was a worthless function that does nothing but increase the price of the amp. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the overall performance of the amps, but as I learn more about all of the functionality, I wonder why Crown wasted their time on putting something worthless into an otherwise very functional unit. My suggestion would be to include the real time analyzer in System Architect so a mike could be attached to the computer sound card and used as the amp was providing the pink noise. If I have the computer at the job anyway, all I need is the mike and the analysis software to wring out the room. Taking it one step further, if the analysis software was a part of System Architect, the room corrections could be done automatically and downloaded into the amps immediately making setting up a lot quicker and easier.
  3. XTI 4000 Pink Noise Generator

    OK, I can understand how the pink noise would be turned on in System Architect. But, as I understand pink noise generators, I thought you needed a way of closing the loop on the output signal so that it could be analyzed. Isn't a mike needed to provide the feedback loop necessary for analyzing the signal? How is that used with relation to the pink noise coming out of the amp?
  4. Does anyone have any info on the use of the pink noise generator in the XTI 4000? I've searched the Crown website but I'm either missing it or don't know what to look for.