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  1. Thinking of buying XLS 402

    What I was trying to say was if I had two of the BIC America RTR 515 speakers could I use them with the Crown XLS 5000. They are 91 db, 325 watts peak @ 8 Ohms. Also if the problem I currently have is when I turn up the music loud is that the output of the speakers cuts in half, is that the speakers being blown or clipping? and are they broken for good Also everyone is free to answer >.<
  2. Thinking of buying XLS 402

    What if I got the XLS 5000 which is 1100 watts per channel and used that with two of the BIC speakers in a smaller venue while I was coming up with the cash for JBLs or Peavey's etc. The venue also has some smaller speakers but I wouldnt want to plug in really *beep*ty speakers and just instantly blow them with this crazy *beep* amp...
  3. Thinking of buying XLS 402

    In the meantime if I ran two of those speakers on a high powered amp how easily would they blow out? and what is the way to calculate sensitivity? Also looking at http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/produ...CFUlN4AodXVTRZQ the wattage is greater than the http://www.amazon.com/Crown-Digital-Power-...8738&sr=1-1 can handle. Right?
  4. Thinking of buying XLS 402

    I have buddies that usually watch out for me with some of these things and can teach me originally, but no one knows about this stuff so I am the first As far as strategy goes I am looking for a good amp that could support 2 powered speakers or more and I would just spend my entire budget on a good amp right now then upgrade my speakers as I earn the money. I will read the forums right now to see what I can learn but as far as amp wattage supported what am I looking for to support some peaveys or something.
  5. Thinking of buying XLS 402

    I really appreciate the time you are taking to help me Is there an online site that can explain it well? Also if you dont mind what are a couple base amps that I should look at? I dont mind doing the work of the research I just dont have a expert opinion and wouldnt want to make a purchase I would later regret.
  6. Thinking of buying XLS 402

    No offense taken. I dont profess to be too good with the technical side of amp speaker relations I just can mix :X How big of an amp would I have to get with two of those speakers? Also right now most of my venues have been 100 people, or if they are bigger they provide a sound system, but at the moment I dont really have the cash to revamp my equipment. I shelled out a good bit for technics and a new xone 32 mixer etc. Edit: What amp would you recommend for supporting a bigger system that I could buy now and use with 2 of those speakers I linked and two other small speakers while I am making the cash to pay for bigger ones?
  7. I have four http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.c...422&FTR=RTR I would want to hook all four up to this amp and use the setup for DJing but my question is Would I have to hook them up parallel by twisting the wires together or could I do it as a series.