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  1. 2 XTI 1000 No Output.

    Never mind, I am an idiot. I thought band manager controlled the levels. But you have to turn up the pots and band manager.
  2. 2 XTI 1000 No Output.

    I tried inputing from my mixing console and a dj mixer. No sound. Yes the signal led's are lit and in Band manager you can see signal levels. I tried with dsp off as well with nothing.
  3. I just took delivery of 2 Xti 1000s. Both were built earlier this year. I am running one stereo on tops and one bridge mono on subs. I set up all my DSP settings with Band Manager. Got everything set and hooked up. Turned up the volume and nothing... On the software they aren't muted. Input signal is there. But when I turn up the levels nothing goes to the output and there is no sound. The trouble shooting part of the manual show different error codes with the front LED's. I am not getting either of those errors. I shut down band manager and tried to use just the panel controls and no change. I used system architect to reflash the firmware(even though it was the latest release) and nothing changed. I am in panic mode. I bought these for a party I have this Sat, and I can't figure out the issue. All assistance appreciated. I am lost. If it was just one amp, I would think bad amp...but 2, I am thinking a problem with my settings. I tried with no dsp as well and nothing.