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  1. 4 Ohm Bridging of XLS 202

    Okay so I understand that working for Crown you can't "endorse" using this amp in 4 ohm bridged mode. But I have a 3-hour gig, where I plan on running 4 subwoofers via 2 XLS202's. All are 8 ohm. I've played around running them each on their own channel. Not enough power... I've tried running them (at about 3/4 gain on the amp, hooked to a Behringer 2 way cross-over sending only 25-100 htz to the amps, music bouncing to just touch -5 on my mixer's v.u. meter) bridged to 4 ohms, and was very impressed with the volume and sound. I only ran it for about 10 minutes, but them amp never seemed to get hot, and didn't have any other issues. Do you guys "think", because you know far more about how the amplifier internally functions, based on this, I would be okay? Or do you think it would really pose some potential problems, and that I should totally avoid it.
  2. 4 Ohm Bridging of XLS 202

    Okay so basically, the amp would just draw too much current on a hard bass hit if I had it bridged to 4 ohms. This would cause the fuse (circuit breaker) on the back of the amp to break. Meaning the amp would shut off, and I would have to reset the breaker. Am I correct on this? So I can run it like this with out damaging my amplifier, and as long as I am not driving the amp a full bore, it would probably not even pop the circuit correct?
  3. Okay everybody. I'm wanting the specs and capabilities of my amplifier clarified. I build our own custom subwoofer enclosures for our DJ company. I am always experimenting with different cabinets and drivers. I own a pair of identical Crown XLS 202 amplifiers. They look just like this one. Now I still have the original boxes from when I purchased these from GC almost a year ago. On the box it shows them as being capable of 600 watts bridged at 8 ohms. On the box it also shows they are capable of 660 watts bridged at 4 ohms. However when I read the owners manuals, they are not rated for being bridged at 4 ohms. Why is this? And can I run them bridged at 4 ohms. Its conflicting information, all from Crown, and I would like it clarified, for a fact not speculation. I know the fact most amplifiers that are bridgeable into 4 ohms are 2 ohm stereo stable. I understand this, I just would like a rep from Crown to clarify, and explain as to why. And if it is capable, and what, if any, damage or issues could arrise from using it in 4 ohm bridged mode, as the box says I can.