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  1. Ahh yeah i see that now, cheers! Turns out from the rack of 3, the two AMCRON amps have a blown channel 2. One of them, the green light stays on with no red light and theres been a couple of pops inside. The other one, the green light turns off but no red light either. Is it worth having them fixed? They seem like awesome amps if they worked!
  2. Ok cheers - what does it mean if the green lights go out and the red ones come on when the relays close?
  3. I was really hoping i wouldnt have to be here but here goes... I was pretty stupid and bought a rack of three crown amps off ebay for £250. Two AMCRON 2401s and a single macro-tech 2400. The 2400 has a regular plug socket, and the two 2401s have sepakon connections on the power wire (?????). So i plug the 2400 in and power it on, and this is what happens: - both green LEDs, then CH1 green turns off and red OPED LED comes on, and a 'click' is heard inside as the lights swap. CH2 stays the same with just the green led on. - i thought this was odd and i noticed that CH1s reset switch on the back was jammed in, so i pulled it into its normal position with some pliers. - powered on again, this time both green LEDs remain on and nothing happens. i plugged a speaker and an input signal into CH2 and slowly turned up the volume; there was just a distorted fart that should have been the music, and a loud POP was heard from inside the amp. What the *beep* is going on here? Any idea how easy it is to fix or anything? Ive yet to try the AMCRONs but to be honest i dont hold high hopes. Thanks in advance for any info Sam