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  1. Hiqnet independent channel x-over points.

    It is not possible to run stereo in that configuration because you are going to need 4 channels. If you have any questions call 1-800-342-6939.
  2. Email for this.
  3. (BEGINNER) What Crown power amp(s)?

    With the XLS 2500 you would have plenty of power for the 3 Yamaha's but would end up short with the MRX518's. For a 1 amp solution I would suggest the XTi 4002.
  4. Those would work great. Give us a call with the serial number of the IT so we can tell you if it has the updates you would want it to have.
  5. How are you connecting to "channel A" I'm assuming this is channel 1 and that you are using speakon? If you are using speakon, on the AMP END ONLY, the connector must be wired to 1+ and 2+. You may want to google search using speakon connectors in bridge mode. Otherwise use banana connectors or bare wire and connect to the two red terminals instead of speakon.
  6. SA with two Itechs

    Open up one amp panel, then click the little recycle looking button up in the top-right of the window by the X, Minimize, Maximize window. This will keep that window open. All windows in SA work this way.
  7. CTS4200 Shuts Down

    It sounds like power supply, most likely in the low voltage power supply.
  8. XTI reset after power on

    I feel for ya. As far as I've observed it's only happening on a small number of amps, probably having to do with tolerance of certain components. Either way the FW problem takes care of it. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm glad it's up and working.
  9. Are they Ultratech amps, or CE amps? They are the same model, but the UT was badged specifically for Sam Ash.
  10. This is a tough speaker to power. I think of your options, dual 4002's would be better. The XTi6002 just can't put enough power in to both speakers.
  11. XTi 1000 Signal lights

    It's my opinion that you have a bad display board. You will need to contact the distributor for the UK Sound Technology Letchworth Point Dunhams Lane Letchworth Garden City Hertfordshire SG6 1ND United Kingdom Ph: +44 (0) 1462 480000 E-Mail:
  12. XTi reset

    Nope, you'll need a PC
  13. Give our parts department a call 800-342-6939
  14. Itech 8000 bad channel?

    It's possible a ribbon cable inside the amp is acting up. It will probably need to ret replaced.
  15. XTI reset after power on

    Neither, it was buggy firmware. It has been fixed however. Download the latest version of System Architect and connect the amp to the computer. The software will recognize it needs new hardware. Update the firmware to the latest and this should stop.