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  1. power line four

    Well I kinda had the feeling that was gonna be the case.I have the one I wanted to replace but its not perfect and the amp and other one is.Thanks for checking for me though.
  2. what generator 5kw ?

    Also I havnt been at honda for a couple yrs but they may have started to biuld a larger eu series that would work on its own.I enerally go by a loose rule of thumb that 100 watts is 1 amp draw.Doesnt the amps say on the back their max input.Most things electrical do.
  3. what generator 5kw ?

    As a honda tech I can tell you that the only stable gens by honda are the invertor type for electronics.Not to be bias but I would be sticking to a honda gen.Two eu3000 gens would work for you.I would use two .Only for the benefit of your amps getting the cleanest and most stable power.If you reach the threshold of the gen your amps are gonna be very unhappy.I would also say not to run the econo switch on them.Allow them to run at max rpm.They are very queit gens so 2 wouldnt be a problem noise wise.
  4. Would one be still available in the satin
  5. I would have to agree that a pl4 would be a great choice for the 4312's.I have ran my 4311b and l100 with mine and its a match that is hard to beat.
  6. Like Crown since 1974 says, for near field the D-75 would be nice, but, in a living room, or larger room, you'll run out of steam quickly. For the 4412,s, and I have used these extensively, I like the Crown DC-300A, or, if you have or see for sale, The Crown Power Line Four. The Power Line series are enhanced D series amps, using Crowns Multi Mode circuitry, and the bottom end, like a DC-300 is great, but the upper mids and high frequencies are nicer sounding. Not that the DC-300 is bad, actually I am STILL using a DC-300A to power SIX JBL horns with 2in compression drivers in a large commercial system.Oh, and the PS400 and Power line series are essentially the same amps, with the Power lines having been aimed primarily at the consumer home hi fi market, so, PS400 is a GREAT choice, too! I'll add my subjective, and personal opinion, I think, even to this day, the Crown DC-300, Power Line Four, and PS400 make some of the NICEST sounding bass you will get out of ANY amplifier. I do mean to suggest that these crowns sound every bit as good and better than amps that cost considerably more and considered HIGH END! Now, your going to use balanced connections? The PS400 can accept them IF you have the Balanced Input module option. The Crown D-150A is also nice, but, I like having the power with the JBL,s your using. A DC-300A or Power Line Four will have good control over the 4412 woofers, with the Power Line Four being my #1 recommendation.
  7. I have been the prod owner of 2 sl2 preamps and four amps. My amps are satin finish pl3 and pl4 d150 seriesII d150 I have had many many other amps through my home and the crowns well all are amcron's have always stayed.