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  1. Drivecore XLS1500

    HAHA! Good one mixwiz. Well, I'm trying to return to the 4 string more with a fretless I got but I'm spoiled with the 5 string/Low-B. And I'm just way too comfortable on the 5-er to ever quit. I'm not a big slapper/popper, I hate super fast, or just bass solos in general. I used to be a drummer in my other life. But that's another chapter in the Bible. Peace, ernie.
  2. Drivecore XLS1500

    HAHA! Yeah OK, mixwiz & fud57, you guys need to come over to and visit me with my gang there. I'm new here and prolly outnumbered here to start a flaming war back n forth. LOL Joking. But really thanks for your replies and yeah I'm prolly overthinking this whole thing. But "Well, I am the Bassplayer" that's our job, helps to balance what goes on with those drummers and guitards, again I keed, I keed. And don't even get me started on them keyboard players.....nobody likes them, right? OK, ok, I'll stop. So to start, the only reason I set the 50hz Hipass filter is this is my first time using a preamp/power amp rig and I see over on TB where many that use such a setup, use the HPF in this way, usually more around 40hz or so. But the DriveCore XLS1500 offers 50hz as its lowest setting. I just did this to try protect my rig on the first gig this past Saturday. And there are those two limiters I left on so prolly was pretty well protected already. And actually, other than maybe attenuating my lowest-lows abit that nite, I didn't really miss anything tone/volume wise. This was in Y-Input mode>Xover cause I decided to try two cabs. I'll def try without a HPF next time out. I used my 1x12 cab on top of my 410 cab on bottom. I just wanted the 112 there so I could put some sound up by my ears, this 9 pc band can get pretty dang loud. Three horn players, don't even get me started on them. I was able to mix a comfortable volume into my 112 to hear it well and really push the 410 for more to FOH, no PA support for bass, don't even ask about that. But it worked nicely. I also took my banana to Speakon speaker cable to switch over to Bridge Mono pushing aprox 1050 watts @ 8 ohms into my Epifani UL410 cab. Totally leaving the 1x12 cab outta the rig. WOW, this is why I got this Crown amp in the first place. So I could push some big watts into this single 410 cab, sounds fantastic. Huge lows great volume way smooth overall. AND yeah sorry, bring on more hits guys but I am one of those cats that only plays 5 string basses. But I know how to use that low B string to play nice with others. Just wish our guitarist and keysplayer would stay outta my low end range and quit muddying everything up. But I digress. Fud57, yeah I made these speakon cables and they are only 3ft long but I think its 14ga wire, not sure. I used what I already had and just pulled 1/4" connectors off a few of my speaker cables then added the Speakon and a banana connectors. I used the bananas with some Eden cabs I own. I just changed one of my cable ends to +1 +2 today to use a speakon cable in Bridge mode, nice to have backups though. So the Crown into a BBE BMax preamp into the single UL410 is the way I'll mostly be using this rig in that band. I just got kinda excited about all the options I now have with this Crown amp so I was thinking more cabs, but don't need em. And for those who don't know the DriveCore series yet, if a old-phart-dufus like me can switch the modes on stage during a set break to get to Mono Bridge and not blow my rig up, anybody can do it. Why I bet even a caveman could do it! There now I think I've offended all walks of live across the board. LOL Hey guys thanks again for your replies. Anymore constructive suggestions ya got, bring em. Looks like I'll just be doing trial and error here at home til next weeks gig, I'll be trying a Alembic F-1X preamp first time that nite with a blues band. I'll see what other settings I can utilize with this Crown amp. Its very powerful, very light, very easy to use and I'm really enjoying reading all the threads here and learning more along the way about Crown products. Yep, I'm reading the manual for my amp too. Peace, ernie.
  3. Drivecore XLS1500

    OK, just went to online user guide here and I saw this below about INPUT/OUTPUT connectors on DriveCore XLS amps: "The top Speakon connector is wired for both channels so it can be used for bridgemono wiring or for stereo wiring of two speakers to a single Speakon connector" I've done the Mono-Bridge connection successfully into a single 8 ohm cab. So do I understand that I can use the CH 1 speakon of amp, using a regular Speakon cable, into cab #1 then daisy chain to cab #2 to use two full range cabs? I'm a niteowl, its quite late here ( can't turn any gear on right now to test) so I don't expect too many, if any, replies tonite. I'll check back in the afternoon. But again, all helpful replies appreciated. Thanks so much. e.
  4. Hello all, new Crown amp owner, new member, first post. FYI, this pertains to a bass rig with pre/power amp: I have hooked up two cabs using the crossover mode. But the manual says "amp is configured to use LPF on ch #1 / HPF on ch #2". When I've attempted to set the seperate HP/LP settings, it seems to only take one or the other. I followed the steps to get to Input Y / Xover in amp mode. Then when I go to set HP, say @ 50 hz, I hit next to set it and I see no options to then set LP. It just shows me I've completed the process and LCD shows Xover/ HP, if I recall correctly. Am I not supposed to get a prompt after first setting HP to then set LP or am I misunderstanding the manual or doing the steps incorrectly? And so I'll know, is this Y-input a bi-amp mode? Where I get hi's- lo's to each cab? I don't really want to bi-amp as I use two full range cabs. The stereo mode seems to require two outs on a pre, my preamps only have a single main out and only one cab gets sound in this mode. Again, if I am misunderstanding the manual or terms being used pls correct me. Sorry for my very long first post but if you know me from Talkbass, my avatar there says it all. Thanks so much for any helpful replies here. Peace, ernie.