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  1. Xti 6000 Cable error

    hi guys. sorry for the delay, ive been stacked with work I send the amps for repair, the day after kevin told me to, so it's to late to make more fun videos haha. but hopfully they will come back with no errors fbtmaxx: haha yea it was funny making the videos to, and thaks sorry for not replying shortly, ill send an update when i get the amps back, most likely soon
  2. Xti 6000 Cable error

    no problem, take your time kevin
  3. Xti 6000 Cable error

  4. Xti 6000 Cable error

    hehe yea i think it's standart i denmark, i'd never seen a kitchen without one yes the amp's are only a month old, so they are still under warranty. thaks for helping me out mctwins the most weird thing is that both amps have the same problem
  5. Macro-tech MA-5000i

    thanks mctwins, nice to hear that you almost have your system up and running
  6. Xti 6000 Cable error

    new video response with a grounded amp all video resopnses: part1: part2: part3: part4:
  7. Xti 6000 Cable error

    img of back pannel for mctwins :
  8. Xti 6000 Cable error

    haha they are not connected becaus it's a stereo mini plug nice opservetion tho thaks
  9. Xti 6000 Cable error

    i know you will finde the answer one way or another grounding on the power to the amp ? or balancing the cable from the pc? i'll ground the amp's when i get home, i have 2 ground plug converter now so far i can't seem to find any ghost or deamons, just tell me when you want me to call an exorcist do you want me to buy a rolls cable balancing? thanks for the effort so far kevin
  10. Macro-tech MA-5000i

    yes you can if you don't connect the speakers, the amp will not show anny output signal in system architect, love my macro tech's, but i'm not thrilled of my XTI 6000
  11. Xti 6000 Cable error

    hi kevin, can you plz try this out for me,, connect a miniplug/xlr to the 6k at your lab ?
  12. Xti 6000 Cable error

    i CAN'T GROUND the amps!! read the reply i wrote.. i need to buy a ground converter plug....... again read the reply's! i'm glad that you are helping me, don't get it wrong... i'm just trying to tell you for the 5 time,, that it's connected correct! I only need the ground coverter plug.. the one i have only support 10A! and it will stick permanently to the power cable!.... again read the reply's i'm going to buy one now that supports 16A.... again read the reply's.... the amp's has been grounded befor and it doesn't solve the problem... again read the reply's.... Post #14 :ill try to get my amp grounded tomorrow but i'm almost certain that it wont help<---- told you they were not gounded.... I'll send a video reply today.. again read the REPLY'S.... if thats not what you call bugging... then I don't know what bugging means... i keep telling you that i'm going to do the things you all are telling me to do... just have patience... and thanks mctwins for the help, you deserve it, but plz read the reply's more thorough... any way! i have a 4k,, that's plying fine on the same power net.. so the 6k should be able to do so to.... and the 4k ain't grounded... if you want to se the 2 outlet socket, that's no problem, just wait till i get home, ill make the video m8 if you got any more theory plz help mctwins
  13. Xti 6000 Cable error

    mctwins... i'm an educated electro mechanic, I'm working with >10 Mega-watt's generators every day! I know how to connect and work with power, at a higher level. so plz stop bugging me with your theory about wrong power connection, the amp wornt even turn on if you use L1 + L2.... I'LL properly fry the amp if i dit so. L1 + L2 = 440v in denmark... the amp is connected to L1 and N the 2'end amp is connected to L2 and N they are not grounded at the moment. the only thing i'm missing is the ground, and I'll make the video response to day, with a grounded cable.. the cable i'm using is the cable i got from crown. the amp's are only ~30days old, from a store in denmark called Arteq... the 2 amp's have the exact same AC main socket. and they are rated : 230V / 50hz and yes i reconnected the socket behinde the stove, to get the 3 time's 230Volt / 16amp's. any way, the amp also works on a normal 10amp wall connector, you dont need 16amps to get the 6k going.. it just wornt but out the max power at 10amp.
  14. Xti 6000 Cable error

    mark my words! it doesn't help grounding them, they was grounded at the gig. ill show you tomorrow, i'm going to buy a grounded plug and mount it on the cable you can watch this video response for now. this is not a toy for me! it's part of my income, so plz trust and work with me. ill buy and do all you tell me to buy and do.. possessed?? danm kevin, there are no ghosts in denmark
  15. Xti 6000 Cable error

    1. run CLoader_ver2_19.exe ___________________ 2. Cloader shows: Crown USB Amplifier USB Driver Ver 1.102 Flash Ver: Micro Ver: ___________________ 3. load file: XTI1156.s ___________________ 4. Cloader shows : Programming.... Amp has a Serial Number Amp Address = 2 Wait - Finalizing Amplifier Programmed Sucessfully ___________________ 5. it transmits all the data (1024byte) while the amp flashes from side to side ___________________ 6. the amp reboots and Cloader shows : Crown USB Amplifier USB Driver Ver 1.102 Flash Ver: Micro Ver: ___________________ if i don't connect any cables to the amp: after only 2min: ch1: 41.c ch2: 47.c ps: 35.c after 5min: ch1: 42.c ch2: 48.c ps: 36.c and it stays there the fan is set to hi, but the fan starts when i power up the amp, and it stays on. the signal diode's are always on. but after about 10 min. the signal diode's starts blinking. ___________________ ill try to get my amp grounded tomorrow but i'm almost certain that it wont help