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  1. XTI Problems

    I've re-seated the ribbon cable on the 4000 to no avail. Also re-flashed the firmware - again no joy. I've even s*beep*ped the front panel with another amp and the problem is still on the same chassis. I will contact sound technology with a view to sending them the unit. I am about to conduct tests on the 1000 for the dropping channel. Regards, Steve
  2. XTI Problems

    Thanks Kevin, I'll take a look tomorrow. Steve
  3. XTI Problems

    I have 6 XTI amps which were bought at various times since may 2008. I am in the UK and purchased some from the UK and some from the USA. They have all performed well until recently when the two oldest amps (purchased in the UK) have exhibited problems. There is an XTI 1000 #8001390722 which drops the CH2 output occasionally shortly after boot up. Re-booting has so far returned the audio. The second problem, an XTI4000 #8001483693 has problems when changing preset. Last weekend I changed from one of my custom presets (used to shape the output for wedge monitors), back to DSP off. The amp shut down and when re-booted made an unstable noise and then shut off again. I tried several times to re-start but it either hung with no program audio out, just unstable noise, or turned off again. Later examination showed the fan has changed from HI to ON permanently. I have tried to duplicate the problem in the workshop with moderate success. I have uploaded a video (wmv) onto my website Here. Can anyone advise if these are known rectifiable problems or if I will need to send to a dealer for examination. For info my other amps serial no's are 8001526890, 80015311716, 8001531741, 8001527313. Thanks, Steve