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  1. XTI Clip Lights

    The cabinets are all 8 ohms...they are the single 18's....same with the tops....8 ohms...single 15's with the horns....so the signal going in could be clipping the amps? Is there a way to really tell...all my meters do not clip except for the amps...
  2. XTI Clip Lights

    I have 2 xti amps....a 2000 and 4000....I run Peavey Sp2 15's and the Sp2 18's.....the speakers are rated for up to 2000 and 4000 watts so in theory its a perfect match for the amps....I have noticed that my amps will clip.....they will go from Signal to - 20, and then just clip. They do it -10 then clip...but more often the - 20 then clip. Does anyone know what the problem could be? I have consided about selling the speakers because I think they just can't handle the power. I have a set of non powered JBL Eon 1500 as well and they do not clip with them or my yamaha speakers.