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  1. Some questions

    You are great! The cables are not expensive, so I'll try that 6 mm and maybe will make two cables, short and long, 1 m and 6 m.
  2. Some questions

    Hello, I found that that and there is a table how to calculate cables. If I'm correct and want Damping factor of 500, the length must be 6m and gauge #3 or #4, approx 6mm. Maybe I don't need so much damping factor? I'm still confused from that factor... Maybe I can get XTi 6000, but it seems to me that will be too much in bridged mode and less than what the 728 will need in stereo mode. I think to get few more of those subs in time, so maybe I'll change the amp too. I use DBX Driverack PX to cross my active system, but I lack some bass and I only need the amp for 1 sub and I prefer to use the amp in bridged mode to be simple as 1 amp = 1 sub. The XTi looks easy to use and light too, I was thinking to get QSC first, 4000W in bridged mode, but its heavy and the jumpers on the back will make me mad on some venue/s 100%.
  3. Hello, I want to buy JBL SRX728S Sub and I think to try it with Xti 4000 in bridged mode. I have in mind that there is higher class amps, but I cant pay much more than the price of 1 Xti 4000 + I like that its not heavy and its easy to work with and change stuff on site /DSP instead of jumpers, etc./. So maybe not the best amp for that sub, but maybe best compromise, yes? Now I'm wondering if I must get 2x2.5 mm2 cables or more, like 2x4 or 2x6? And how long is the other thing I have in mind. Maybe sometimes 3m will be fine, maybe sometimes I'll need more, 10-15m... I think to make 1 short/1-2m max/ crossed speakon and use Speakon Barrel adapter when I need length to add longer cables. How that sound to you? Cables? Maybe the amp is to weak? Best regards, Nasov