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  1. xti 4000 need help

    hi guys is there is best settings in monobridge for one sub for xti 4000 thanks.gill154
  2. xti 4000 need help

    Thanks guys ok i have a question when i run on bridge mono what should be selected stereo or channel 1+2 where it should be on xti 4000 i think there is only two options stereo or channel 1+2 and second if i need XLR out put from xti for my second amp ep 4000 i think sound is going to come from only one chanel from amp ( ep4000) because xti have only channel one input how can i make it work remmber my ep4000 have no out put for add amp i can go only xti to ep but not ep to xti ? if i run one mid or one full it will work from xti to ep but now i have xti is sub is sub xti can give two XLR out for next amp or not thanks guys i really appreciate all the help thanks gill 154
  3. xti 4000 need help

    Thanks bro ok power for sub Yorkville Ls2104 is 3000 there is no peak or program I searched they have only you can call rms or continue all Yorkville speaker sub or full range that is what they said when I bought this they say if power say 3000 it is 3000 but I don`t have lots of knowledge about this. so I am using wires and both middle red 1&2 channel 1 +red and channel 2 red is negative it is working good lots of bass but I just want to make sure to get better sound what I can do. So I am using System Architect 2.20 and also I have band manager too which one is better like to know if you can explain me so thanks bro.gill154
  4. hi guys need help if my set up is right for xti 4000 in bridge mono with single sub yorkville LS2104 before something goes wrong ? sub is 3000 watts If it is good match with sub and my preset is on brige subs and also my wire is 16 gauge and 50 feet in lenth.what can i do to make it better set up then what i have now like what gauge wire and max lenth for wire is the best to use and settings on xti preset also ?please any help will be really help full for me this is my first amp and sub thanks gill154.
  5. Hello gill154, Could you please let us know what other equipment you have. For example, crossover, mixer, etc... I can give you a rundown of how to hook it all up if I know ALL the equipment you are using. Hello thanks guys ok here i have crown xti 4000 and mp3 cd player and mixer all in one and yorkville LS2104 3000 watts and for full range speakers two and i am using behringer 4000 amp to runs only full range but i want`s to use sub LS2104 only with crown xti because i don`t need to use crossover with xti if i am not mistaken.Today i try only on channel one on crown in stereo mode xti is 1200 watts in 4 ohms on one channel i donot need full loud now any way do you think i can use in lower valume xti on channel one on stereo mode without bridging is it right or wrong But i do like to try also on bridge too because i might do friends party to use in bridge thanks guys i hook up with laptop and learnning with system architect thanks guys i am not even near this thing yet will get back thanks.gill 154
  6. Hi guys i am new here first i just like to say hello to every one here . i just bought xti 4000 few weaks ago and today i bought yorkville LS2104 3000 watts . i would like to know how to setup xti 4000 on sub LS2104 3000 watts . 1. How to set up one side sub and one side full range? 2. How to set up one sub on one channel?(not in bridge) 3. How to set up sub in bridge mode ?(because my xti 4000 amp is 3200 watts in bridge in 4 ohms and sub is 3000 watts in 4 ohms i think it is good match in bridge ) Thanks in advanced guys please i realy like to learn need help big time.gill 154