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  1. XTi 1000 Channel 1 Problem

    That was it the two 340 Ohm resistors R147 and R148. Thanks again Kip.
  2. XTi 1000 Channel 1 Problem

    Thanks Kip for the replay. I'm not at work but will do the measurements tomorrow and i will let you know. Now about the PNP and NPN MJ's common +/-30V ... the Xti 2000, 3000 and 4000 has a lot of other components which controls power distribution to the MJ but are missing from the Xti 1000. Anyway i will check everything tomorrow and let you know what's going on. Thanks again.
  3. Hy. I have a XTi 1000 on my bench for 3 days now and i cant figure out why the power MJ's get very hot for no reason. When the amp first came the MJE's exploded and the 3 diods next to the MJE 15033 shorted. I changed the broken components and the amp works but in just a minute the MJ's all 6 of them on channel 1 get realy hot and Thermal led comes on. I noticed that the MJ's PNP and NPN are shorted between each other channel 1 and channel 2 with some jumpers and i'm thinking there might be some feed-back between the channels. Is there a update to the schematic or someting i could do to stop this from happening ? Thank you. I want to note that the display board is not the problem and all 6 MJ's had been changed just to make sure.
  4. Crown CTs 1200 Problem

    BBY P.I.P Card
  5. Crown CTs 1200 Problem

    Hy i have a big problem with two CTs 1200 The power LED is ok but READY does not come on.