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  1. XTI Linking

    Hey no problem, always willing to Help. Funny how a days worth of study can result in one's own solutions... Now, onto Wireless transmission over 100' LC
  2. Thanks Kevin, will look into that unit. Have been checking a few items, listed below. I just realized the above unit I posted, will require a Cat 5 cable...argh! Not wireless. Belkin USB Hub Anywhere USB Belkin Hub I'll have to keep looking and read more details, see if these units can transmit over 100' Thanks Lastcat
  3. Ok, here's a question. USB can be sent currently at a max distance of 15'. So, If I have my amps on Stage, and run a 100' snake, and would like to use my Laptop with BandManager at the mixer board, how do I send/receive a signal at 100'? I found Extender Kit online. Sounds like it would work @ 99.00. Any other alternative? Lastcat
  4. XTI Linking

    Just talked to Kip by phone, got it!! Just like my post above. Must use the USB Hub, and 2.0 USB Cables. Hook up the USB Hub to my Laptop, then using a 2.0 USB Cable, hook each amp into the Hub. Fire up Bandmanager. Each amp should be recognized in BM. Link/Out ~ just as I thought. Send the Signal from my Mixing Board to one Amp. Then send the signal from this amp to the next amp, using a Female XLR/Male XLR cable. The signal will go to both amps. Then I can set the crossover points for the first amp (Mains) and set the crossover for the second amp (Subs). Lastcat
  5. XTI Linking

    So the link/out in the back of each amp. Say I run my Mackie 1604 VLZ, Stereo to a single XTI 4000, then link/out from this amp to another XTI 4000. Will this send the full signal from the board to both amps? The first XTi 4000 will run the Main Speakers, and then the second XTi 4000 will run the Subs. Correct? I am I on to something? Come one, you of you guys reading this should have an answer, don't be leaving the new guy hanging here. Or are you just looking for something to read? 20 Views, and not one answer. Geesh! This might take a few weeks. LC
  6. XTI Linking

    Got an Idea! This? With 3 of these?
  7. I have Bandmanager installed and running great. I can hookup to any of the three XTI amps I have and get full functions in Bandmanager. But, I see in the Video Tutorials, by Bradford, how he has 7 amps hooked up. I see online too, people using Bandmanager, and they have a rack full of amps showing. So I get an XLR and go from the Out/Link from one amp, and then into the Input of the next amp. Open Bandmanager...Nothing :angry: Only 1 of the 3 amps I have, are showing in BM. Maybe I have it hooked up wrong. I swap directions...Still Nothing....!!!! :angry: :angry: I read the pdf Manual, search Google and Yahoo. Did a search here on how to Link Multiple Amps. Nothing, not a single Drawing, direction, anything out there showing how to hook up more than one amp, and view them in Bandmanager. I challenge anyone to do a search through Google and the Manuals, you won't find anything, anywhere, on how to hook up more than one XTI amp. You won't find anything. Not a picture, drawing, diag, note, instructions...nadda. Anyone been lucky and actually had more than one amp, showing in BM? :angry: :angry: :angry: LC