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  1. XTI 1000 Input Channel 2 gone

    Well, I flashed the firmware, (found where it was hidden on the Crown site!) and all is happy now. Stereo right works Stereo left works Band manager reports everything is beautiful. So, that begs the question: what caused the firmware to become corrupt? frank
  2. XTI 1000 Input Channel 2 gone

    S/N 8001285605 In stereo mode, channel one (left) works properly channel two (right) will pass pink noise from Band Manager, but nothing from the female input connector. I'm with the amp now - did you want me to try the amps male input (passthrough?) connector? thanks frank
  3. Good morning, Of course my first post is a problem. Of three XTI 1000 I have, one has inexplicably (to me) has lost the input on channel two. Symptoms: "Phantom" (as in non-existent - false) signal on channel 2 front panel, and on Band Manager (BM) software. (sometimes up to "yellow" on input meter" "Phantom" signal produces no output - no hiss, no buzz - nothing. Channel will pass pink noise generated by BM Will not produce audio from the input jack. Attempted fix Open, and remove and reseat ribbon connector to mainboard Results: Phantom signal went away - no more on meter, no more on BM. Symptoms Channel will still not pass audio from input jacks - does not matter if DSP is off or preset or custom. It was working properly in June - the last time it was out. What does work: Channel will produce pink noise from BM When in Link Y mode (I think I have the right terminology) linked input1 internally to input 2, and two-channel output, channel will pass audio and pink noise. I checked firmware version 6 months ago - all 3 current/same I also checked all serial numbers against Crown Website list, and all the numbers were higher, out of range of the 2006 ribbon issue. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, frank