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  1. ODEP was red. I ll check conditions area in the next visit,for sure the room where is installed is with humity. Thanks.
  2. I have 1 amp AMCRON MACRO tech 2400 in Spain,I m not really expert with this equipments,suddenly when goes power on led are green but in 2 seconds goes red. I don´t know if problem is in some blocked about power failure or something like that or,maybe some spare has to replaced ,but this in all channels,So I think is about power. If you can give ideas for check, will be good,because I don´t know what check exactly. Thanks
  3. Hola,espero que me podais ayudar,tengo una etapa de potencia AMCROM MACRO-TECH 2400,al encender el power los led se ponen verde,pero a los 2 segundos ,los led se ponen en rojo. He revisado un poco el equipo y no por donde chequear,alimentación le llega porque el ventilador esta moviendose. Si teneis alguna idea que me pueda ayudar ,os lo agradecería. MUCHAS GRACIAS