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  1. Need help with amp selection

    Hey Fud, thanks for your input. I won another Crown Micro-Tech 1200 on eBay, so I plan on bridging the MT-1200's for 1300 watts per channel into my Yamaha S215IV mains. They should really rock with this configuration. With the MT-1200's high damping factor the bass should sound pretty good. I need to get some 10 gage speaker cable. I'm not sure what amp I'll get for the floor monitors. Crown xti4000, Crown xs1200 will do the job. I need 800 to 1000 watts per channel into 4 ohms. I'm still planning on purchasing a DBX Driverack PA+ at some point.
  2. Need help with amp selection

    How does the CE series compare to the Micro-Tech series? Is the CE a notch below the Micro-tech? The CE2000 is similar to the xti2000 power wise, has more watts than the MT-1200. Just curious. I'm looking at both on eBay, in addition to the xti series. I need to make a purchase this week.
  3. Need help with amp selection

    Hello, Thanks for your advice. The Peavey PV15M floor monitors will be paralleled, two per channel. I don't really want to run all of them off one channel with a 2 ohm load. I figured the xti2000 would supply enough power, but maybe I'd be better off driving them with an xti4000. That way I'll have some headroom. Of course that will be extra $$$ and money is tight. The Crown MT-1200 is rated at 1300 watts into 4 ohms bridged, so two of those could drive the mains, and buy the xti4000 for the floor monitors. I'm just trying to get the most bang for the buck at this point. We start gigging in December so I need to have all the gear by then. I guess I need to decide whether to buy another MT-1200 and an xti4000, or sell the MT-1200 and buy the xti4000 and xti2000 or xti4000. Personally I'd just as soon go with xti's all the way because of the power draw / weight advantages they offer. But, as I said money is an issue. Mains: MT-1200 x 2 Bridged or one xti4000? Floors: xti2000 or xti4000? Decisions, decisions....
  4. Hello, I'm in the process of purchasing PA gear for my band. Currently I have the following: Mixer: Yamaha MG24/14 Amp: Crown MT-1200 Floor monitors: Peavey PV15M x 4 Mains: Yamaha S215IV x 2 Signal Processor: DBX 166XL I'm thinking of purchasing a Crown xti4000 for the mains, and a Crown xti2000 for the floor monitors. I could also buy another MT-1200 and run both MT-1200's bridged for the mains. I also plan on purchasing a DBX Driverack PA+ and will eliminate the 166XL. The S215IV's are rated at 1000 watts program, 2000 watts peak into 4 ohms. The Peavey PV15M's are rated at 500 watts program, 1000 watts peak at 8 ohms. What are your suggestions? Thanks!