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  1. Itech HD9000 explosion

    Alright Kip ....thanks ...i will do so and contact them ...
  2. Itech HD9000 explosion

    this is very strange !!!! did i asks for very hard to find info or what ? shall i post this thread in the general discussion section or it should be here ??
  3. Itech HD9000 explosion

    hellloww any body home ...too many viewers but no comment ....Ok iam still waiting for the Tech people or Crown pro people ...
  4. Hi every one i just registered after i was googling for some Crown Amps answers and i find this lovey forum which gives me some help ,,so i thought to join so share some experience among the Pro Audio community .. SO this is my first post .... after the amp stopped to work ,i opened it and i found some exploded 8 IRFPs mosfets which is the final driving stage in the amp 4 in each channel so i replace all of the 16 pieces with new one + 4 Ceramic capacitor the 2 small one below the gate drive board ,,,, also the Mosfet Gate drive board was having some SMD NPN and PNP defected transistor + some SMD resistor ,, i replace all of them ,,, i wear my google and cross my finger and power it up to check the Amp ... after powering up the green ready indicator light and after a little while the clip indicator for both channels lights also .... all this with NO signal at all or load is connected .. even the VN and VP are not connected from the mother board BUSS BAR to the 2 ferrite core coils !!!! but i notes that the resistance between VP and VN are almost SHORT !!!! i think this because they are connected to a special T for isolation i think !!!! ...... now i check almost the major components inside it but it seems that every thing is OK ... can any one guide me to any lead or clew why the red clip indicator is on ,,, hope any body having some hand maintenance in this series can help ,,,, thanks every one for your Patience in reading this thread