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  1. Crossover on Xti 4000 amplifier

    In respect of high frequency drivers to channel 1. What I need to know is if I connect the amp up as follows. Output 1 of Amp to input of Bass bin and output of Bass bin to the input of top speaker and the same for Output 2. Then Channel 1 of Amp to the left side of mixer and channel 2 of amp to right side of mixer. Is this okay to be able to use the crossover mode i.e. will this set up prevent high frequency drivers to channel 1. Also I had my first gig with the amplifier last night and I used the DSP mode. Just to remind you of my set up, the amp is the Crown Xti 4000 and I am using speakers which are 800 watts per side. Due to the fact that the amp is 2400 watts and the speakers are 1600 watts I only had the amplifier turned up to 8 notches and then controlled the volume from the mixer ensuring that the sound only went to 0 on the display of the mixer. Now while the sound was fine it did not sound to loud. Would it be okay to turn up the amplifier fully and then control the volume from the mixer or is there a chance of damaging the speakers due to the fact that the amp is 2400 watts and my speakers are 1600 watts. Thanks Fud 57 and Kevin for all your help so far. I am going to look at the band manager this week when I get a chance.
  2. In respect of the Crossover mode, the manual states the following: DO NOT CONNECT HIGH-FREQUENCY DRIVERS TO CH 1. What exactly does this mean. I also live in Ireland and the mains lead that came with the amplifier is for America. I was wondering where I could buy a U.K. mains lead to suit the amplifier.
  3. Crown Xti 4000 Amplifier

    Hi, First of all thanks for the replies. My set up is as follows: I use the denon HD 2500 with an external hard drive attached (so unfortunately I don't use a lap top for gigs). I have two Carslbro Gamma 15 inch speakers at 400 watts RMS per side at 8 Ohms as tops and my subs are EV SB 122 12 inch speakers at 400 watts RMS per side at 8 Ohms and I connect the speakers in parallel. Any ideas would be most appreciated.
  4. Hi I just bought a Xti4000 amplifier and I have a few questions about same: 1. In respect of Harman HiQnet™ Band Manager™ and System Architect™ Software and firmware updates to the amplifier, does the amplifier need to be connected to speakers, mixer etc. or can the amplifier just be plugged in and connected to my computer without the speakers, mixer etc in order to available of this software. The reason I ask is because I don't have a lot of space to set up my the equipment so it would be easier if I could use the above software without having to set up everything completely as if I was doing a disco. 2. I do deejaying and I was wondering is it okay to rely on the presets already in amplifier or should I make up my own presets from the available software. Any advice would be much appreciated.