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  1. I have two questions about the CT8150. First, and this may apply to Drivecores generally, what's the output impedance? I'm worried about amp-speaker interactions, because the speakers I'd be using don't have the flattest impedance curve, but rather one substantially similar to this: Second, is there anything under the faceplate? That is to say, could the part with the rack-ears be removed, with something still under it? My cabinet can't fit a 19" wide component. Alternately, is the Lexicon DD-8 faceplate available for purchase and a bolt-on replacement? (Why not just get the Lexicon variant? Honestly, my DSP - minIDSP 8x8 - has Phoenix-terminal outputs, so I could just screw 8 lengths of Belden 9154 into each box's terminals. I'd prefer balanced over RCA.)
  2. Help with two XTi2000's that are not working

    Two further questions. First, what do you mean "bridge-mono can be particularly perilous?" Second, I just received another symptom from the current owner. He wrote me the following: "And while the displays are indeed malfunctioning, that was not the part of 'fading in and out' that was important. It's the sound level. The amps are left alone playing music when suddenly the sound level drops and then comes back." When I used it in my home, the display stayed constant. Does that make it sound more likely that it's a display board issue?
  3. Help with two XTi2000's that are not working

    Thanks for your help! I did just that on the new owner's behalf, and was told that both amps s/n's are within the range for the problem.
  4. I recently sold my two Crown XTi2000s, which I had used as home subwoofer amps until I bought subwoofers with built-in amps and no longer needed them. They were both working when I boxed them up. The new owner is using them to amplify his band. However, the new owner is having some problems. Here's what he wrote to me: "[The first amp] will work in bridge mono for about 5 minutes then the sound drops to zero. After that, it comes back a little and fades a little. And never comes back 100%. It's a complete boat anchor to me. The second amp just failed its third test. Starting from a cold start, eight hours of sitting in 76 degree room, the amp failed after 1 minute of play. The sound dropped in half and then immediately began oscillating in volume. It will also not work in bridge mono at all." The first amp was purchased by me in May 2007, the second amp I bought sometime in 2006. Both were made in the USA. Was there a ribbon issue with those vintages? One thing I stupidly did not do before I put the amps away was zero out the processing; I was using the excellent onboard DSP to effect a Linkwitz Tranform on sealed subs, as well as EQ the upper bass response to correct for the room based on measurements. The amps were driving, respectively, a JBL W15GTi (6? DVCl) and an Exodus Audio Maelstrom-X (4? DVC). Both were wired one coil per amp channel, so the channels saw 6? and 4? loads each, respectively, when I used them. Is there something simple in the DSP that could cause the mentioned problems? I also had a 24dB/oct lowpass on both of them. But the problems reported don't sound to me like anything that would be related to not zeroing out the DSP. I feel awful that someone thinks I sold him something that doesn't work, so anything you can tell me that might help me help the new owner get up and running would be much appreciated.