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  1. I found on here that you can run band manager in demo mode to make changes to settings when connected to the amp. However this is pretty pointless unlwss there is a way to play music while makeing the changes so you can here what changes you make. I quess my question would be is there a way to do this so I can change what I need to and here the changes being made...thanks in advance
  2. yeha that was what I figured I was just hoping for a site that may have badic settings to start with and then tweak from there. thanks
  3. I am new to the forum and have a couple of questions. I help out with the local churchs band and we are running what seems to me to be a pretty basic setup. We are running two XTI 1000 amps one for the left side of the church and the other for the right side. the amp are pusing one jbl jrx 115 and one jbl jrx 18 inch sub. the amps are being fed through an allen and heath zed 22fx mixing board. we are trying to get everything setup and sounding as good as possible. I used band manager and installed the jbl presets into each of the amps but these only seem to set the crossover point and what I was hoping to get were some basic settings for the onboard eqs in the amps that I could use as a starting point or if there is a file available that would setup the eq as well as the crossover points in the amps. thanks in advance for any help and it is much appreciated. P.s if it is relevant we have at any given time the following instruments on the stage. drums, 2 guitars, bass guitar piano, and violin, and two singers. thanks again