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  1. Not sure about the cord and clip, but I run 4 SRX718's on an Itech 8000 2 per side in stereo. Real thumper for sure!!!
  2. I have an Itech 8000 that start making the speaker fart like the speaker is blown. It is on Channel 1. I switched everything over to channel 2 and it was fine. I put channel 2 cords/cables speaker On channel 1 and it farted too. Could I have a channel out or maybe something I have wrong? Thanks, Brian
  3. I Tech 8000 display

    Kevin, thanks for the quick reply. Much appreciated
  4. I have an I Tech 8000 that has an exclamation mark between the 2 meters on the display. I bought 2 of them used and the other doesn't have this. Is there a way to clear it? I can't find anything in the manual about this. Thanks, Brian
  5. Thanks, that's what I thought.
  6. I have 2 Itech 8000 amps and 1 Xti 2000. I was thinking of running my JBL srx 725's biamped with one itech on the SRX 718 subs, one Itech on the lows and the XTi2000 for the highs on the 725's. I was told the itechs and the XTi wouldn't play nice together because of technical specs of the amps. Is this true? What would the problems be? I was running them biamped with 2 XTI 6000's on the lows and XTi2000 on the highs with an Itech 8000 on the subs and all sounded great. Thanks, Brian
  7. using band manager with xti ...

    In Band Manager open the settings for the amp and click the recall button, load a preset, make your settings changes, click store button when you are finished, a window will pop up and at the bottom type in the name you want for the amp and save.
  8. I have the following: 2-JBL SRX 725 2- Peavey SP 118 2- XTi 2000 2- XTi 4000 2- XTi 6000 I want to biamp the 725's and thought about this setup. 2 6000's on the subs, 2 4000's on the mids of the 725 and 2 2000's on the highs of the 725. Would this be ok and should I run the amps bridged and what input setting should I use Y or ch1+ch2 in bridged mode? This is for a live rock band. Thanks, Brian