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  1. What are the basic differences between these two software packages? Which is simpler? I've read as much as I can find and can't figure it out.
  2. Here's what we have: I was assured I could connect it all up like this and based everything on being able to tweak the crossover in each amp. Last night we attempted to connect it all. Imagine my shock and horror when I discovered that each amp sends the subs to channel 1 and mid-highs to channel 2. I was under the impression that I could run stereo into the 4000 and say that everything above 100hz would go to the Link Out that was connected to the 6000 on each channel. Yeah, I know running stereo subs... at any rate. When that wasn't going to work for me, I got my Ashley XR1001, set up each side to crossover @ 100hz and hooked the mid high outs to the 4000 and the subs to the 6000. I'm fairly new to SpeakOns; used NL2's most of what I've used... I had anticipated taking the binding post outs of both amps with NL2s from the 4000 into a GearBox Cable Cube Distro channel 1, and the other from the 6000 into channel 2, then an NL4 out to the subs, then out the passthru in the subs to the mid-highs. The mid highs sounded amazing! But the subs sounded weak, muddy, and one channel flapped, as if the speaker was torn, to the beat. I am assuming my understanding of the NL4/Distro/et al is wrong.... can someone tell me what I did wrong (other than accepting this challenge) so I can actually use all this gear? I was under the impression that System Architect from Harmon would let me tweak the Crowns and set the crossovers independent... which sounds more like what I'm looking for. Anyone had any experience with this? Thanx. I'm a guitar player with a slight bit of knowledge that my band has designated as sound tech... so please be gentle... ;-) L