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  1. Thanks once again. I was thinking the distro amp would be a bit cleaner than the eight headed cable monster I made, and it would rack mount. Also, I didn't know if I might need to boost the gain a bit to make up for splitting the signal so much. I was wondering if there was some kind of meter to measure this. I do have to admit tho, the XLR cable I made worked very well with no discernable noise/hum/buzz as far as I could tell. Ugly though.
  2. Thanks for your help Fud! I DJ'd an event in Dallas over the weekend and ran all 6 amps for about 5 hours with no problems. First time out for the Crowns. I'm now looking at a ROLLS RA163 distribution amp for about $150. One (1) XLR in, eight (8) out. I may stay with my homemade 1 x 8 cable (looks ugly but works), I may buy the RA163, which has indivdual gain controls. Any thoughts?
  3. Got it working. I simply bought a bunch of "Y" cables until I had enough connections. One odd thing tho: I started with the RCA outputs and added the "Y" cables. This resulted in a hum, or buzz, being introduced into the system after the first Y. So I switched to the balanced XLR output and did the same thing. No hum. As a friend used to say, all's well that ends! Thanks all!
  4. By that do you mean that I can simply create a cable with an XLR (we'll say) on one end and six XLRs on the other? Basically a Y cable but with six ends? Thanks again!
  5. I just purchased 4 Peavey SP2s and 4 Crown XLS802D to power them with. I also have a couple of older Mackie 1400i amps powering a couple of Yamaha S115IV speakers. How do I connect the single master output from my mixer (American DJ Commander) to all 6 of these amps? The Mackies have pass thru connections so I can simply daisy chain them with patch cables but the Crowns do not. Thanks in advance!