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  1. Hi Guy, I really apologize if this is answered already but due to every setup being a little different I figured I would create a new topic just so I can spell it all out. The main issue is this: We rented some subs for this weekend and requested powered but were sent unpowered single 18's and an XTi 4000, the shop said that it was "pre configured, just turn it on and go". This has not been the case, and they are useless as far as getting them to come down and fix it in place so they can hear what it's doing they keep wanting us to bring it to them and we did once and it still came back wrong. I am getting vocal bleed through the subs so they are not set to cut off at the right point. The setup is this: - Standard DJ gear plugged into a Pioneer DJM600, The master outs on the DJM600 goto the inputs on the XTi 4000. - From the link-outs on the XTi 4000 we are running lines to powered tops. - I am running Speakon cables to the two single 18's. I would like to avoid having to register and download System Architect (but I will if I have too), what is the best setting to use on the amp for this setup? Will something like "Bridge Subs" give me what I want? I am just afraid to play too much not knowing a lick about what I am doing in this department. (Ditching the rental company is obviously a must, but I cannot do it before the weekend, I need this working lol)