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  1. XLS 602 low volume outut

    Well, it was definitely an input voltage problem. For anyone who can benefit from this: I looked at the amplifier sensitivity rating of the xls 602, and it was 1.26 volts RMS. The amplifier sensitivity is just the voltage the amp needs to see in order to perform at its optimum level or something like that. I then measured the output of my pickups by using a multimeter on a guitar cable plugged in to my bass. It was .135 volts (DC). Then I found a gain calculator on the web that gave me the amount of gain I would need in DB. I put in my values (pretty sure that x volts DC is equal to x volts AC RMS for math purposes) and it told me I needed like 19 DB of gain. Then I got a 30 dollar art tube preamp/DI thing and wala- loud. I guess that power amps don't amplify voltage, they amplify power. That's why preamps exist; to amplify the voltage of your signal pre amplifier. Makes sense when you think about it. I was so used to using amplifiers that just do both and I expected the xls 602 to do the same thing. So I think I get it now. But whatever- it's loud. Thanks to Stephane, Kevin, and Lou for the help along the way.
  2. XLS 602 low volume outut

    Well the speakon connector is just a two pole connector, so I guess the positive is running into the 1+ and the negative is running into 1- (?) I checked the jack connections again and was getting an ohm reading of about 7.6. The diagram is an accurate representation of the way the cab is wired. I cannot make the clip lights light up. I was able to get some more volume when I plugged my keyboard into the direct box. Could there be any input impedance issues?
  3. I bought an xls 602 to power up a bass cab. The cab is homemade. It has 4 8 ohm speakers wired in series then in parallel to get back to 8 ohms. A multimeter to the connections on the jack confirm this. I'm running my bass into a passive direct box and sending the mic cable into input 1. I have a speakon to 1/4 inch cable coming from the top speakon jack to the cab. It is in bridged mode. When I fired it up, it was not loud at all. even with the knob all the way cranked, it would have had trouble competing with even the smallest of practice amps. The weird part was, the signal sounded good otherwise. There was no distortion, no clicks or buzzing, and the amp seemed to work fine overall. I just couldn't get it loud. I finally decided that it was the amp, after calling the support hotline to no avail, and successfully powering the cab with a powered mixer. So I got a refund from amazon (the packaging was in awful condition when it arrived, anyway) and bought another xls 602 from musicians friend. ...Aaaand same problem. I can't really get two defective amps with the same strange problem, can I? I have no idea what's wrong. please help (thanks)