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  1. Sound System

    I've done this too. I did some more troubleshooting and would like to know something. Would the input volumes of the Crown and Mackie amps be different? Are all input volumes the same? It sounds like my old Mackie mixer is biting the dust.
  2. Sound System

    All Low Z connections, TRS, Brand New Cables. It is not the cables as it only does it with the Crown Amp.
  3. XTi configuration

    Kevin, I am wondering why you said to run the 2000's in bridge-mono? The SP118's want 1200 watts but one of the 2000's in bridge (8ohm) would be 1600 watts. One wrong move and the subs are toast.
  4. Just to let you know fud, you cannot use bandmanager on the new XLS amps. They do not have USB and not really much of a DSP. About all they do is crossover. So bandmanager won't work.
  5. Ballroom DJ, Try looking at the Alesis DEG830. It will give you more bang for your buck. Use TRS 1/4" plugs and connect all your amps. This will give you individual EQing power of each amp.
  6. Is this setup OK ?

    almendoza, I would not bridge the XLS Series amp because on the specs the 4ohm load bridged is not listed. This means that it will not be comfortable with it and you could blow the amp or the speakers or both. You should ALWAYS match the Program power and ohm load of the speaker to the amp. Going over this and you will very easily let the smoke out. Yeah, it will sound good for a while then blow. Sounds like you need a couple of dual 18 cabs. Single 18's never really works with a live band because of the kick drum and bass that they like going through them. Once again, I would NOT bridge your XLS amp. Yamaha makes a dual 18 cab. and it would work best.
  7. simple xls2500 question

    Just to let you know, if you were to turn up channel 2, you won't hear a thing. I believe the gain on channel 2 is disabled when the amp is in bridge mode so it doesn't matter.
  8. Crown Xti 4000 Amplifier

    DJG, Setting the EQ and Crossover points depends on your speakers. The specifications of your speakers should tell you what the lowest and highest frequency is. This would mean that if your tops went down to 80 Hz, I would set the Crossover at 100 Hz. Normally, subs can handle up to 1Khz but your wouldn't want that kinda sound coming through them. Keep in mind that when you put the 2 tops on one side of the amp and the 2 subs on the other side it is 600 watts to each speaker. If the program power of the speakers is 400 then I would be careful and set the limiter inside the XTi to the maximum that the speakers can take without blowing, so that you won't let the smoke out of your speakers. Since you don't have a computer to hookup to this amp you have to just do it by ear. If you hear any distortion at all then I would back off the volume a tad till you don't hear it anymore.
  9. xti 4000 hook-up question

    musik-man, Do you have the older model Peavey speakers or the newer ones? This sounds like the SP2G and the old SP-118's. If so, you really need to watch the highs on the SP2's because they are pretty sentsitive and you may let the smoke out. I believe that before I would agree about the amp I would need to know which model of Peavey speakers do you have.
  10. Crossover on Xti 4000 amplifier

    DJG, You need to put your 2 tops on one channel and your subs on the other. I'm not sure of what speakers you are using but it sounds like the amp is to much for them. I believe that the XTI series amps have limiters built in them and I would use it. This would be for those times that if someone was to turn up the gain on either channel of the amp it would stop at a certain point so that it wouldn't blow your speakers. Please let us know what the model number of your speakers and other equipment is so we can correctly evaluate your situation.
  11. Just to let you know, all amps will idle but the current that they draw maybe more or less depending on the wattage of the amp.
  12. AC current on XLS drive core

    Why would you want to run at 16ohms? This normally isn't done unless you are in a commercial area (hotel, restaurant, etc...) That being said, if your speakers are 16ohms then hook to of them together and it will give you 8 ohms, then run them in series. Basically, run sets of 2 in series and it will give you an 8 ohm load. These amps were not designed to run in 16ohms. 8 ohms would be the highest and safest.
  13. AC current on XLS drive core

    You most probably cannot find data on the current draw because it all depends on how hard you are making the amp work. Amps that are near MAX all night long are gonna pull a lot more juice than amps that are just barely up and basically just running for the fun of it. This is one of those, IT DEPENDS!!
  14. XLS 2000

    I did have one question for you though. Why does it send a buzzing noise through my speakers? I have tried a Peavey amp that I have and it didn't do it. I tried a Mackie amp that I have and it didn't do it. It only seems to do it on the crown??? All cables are brand new as well. Any thoughts?
  15. need help with my setup.

    Justin, It sounds like your system should be tearing down walls and windows. The rating on the SRX725 is 1200/2400/4800. The rating on the XTI4000 is 3200 Watts at a 4ohm load. This means that you are sending each SRX725 3200 Watts and it only wants 2400 Watts. You always try to get as close to the Program power as possible. It also sounds like you may have a problem with your crossover. Can you let us know what all the equipment is you are using and what the EQ/Crossover points are set at. Sometimes even the input gain of the source could cause an amp to clip because it is getting more input than it can put out. I don't think you need more amps or speakers. If your system is set right then you would be rockin. How many people are normally at these raves?