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  1. Xti 4000

  2. Xti 4000

    thank u for the setting but I need to set all the speakers up together 2mrx 518s n 2jrx125 for bottom n tops I have xti4000n crest 1500 amp can this work for me. Please give me some advise if passible can I loop thru amp from xti to crest
  3. Xti 4000

    yes I am useing c/over it is a Gemini but I am trying to use the crown dsp I download bandmanger but I do not know the setting of the amp for subs if u can please help me set up I do not know how much lows or hi to set for sub Also can I use my jrx125 for tops.Thank u .U r a life saver I really want thank u again
  4. Xti 4000

    Hi I am trying to set up my xti4000 .I have 2 JBL mrx 518s sub 4 ohms and 2jbl jrx 125 4ohms and a crest 1500 amp I hook up sub to xti 4000 to run as ch1+ch2 but I do like how it sound how can I get it to work better? Can I bridge the amp also if I can get my jrx 125 to work .Thank u