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  1. Linking XLS 1000 with XLS 402

    Thank you fud57. You're right. I didn't want to use the 402's on the subs so I ended up running the 1000's on the subs instead and changed the setting to filter low pass. It worked great.
  2. Please help! I want to make sure I'm doing this right from the jump. I want to link an XLS 1000 with an XLS 402. The 1000 will run a pair of Peavey PR-12's and the 402 will run pair of subs. What is the best set-up to get the most out of my system? Do I need to change the setting on the 1000 or keep it at the default setting? I'm thinking of purchasing a DBX Crossover but not sure if I need it for this set-up since there's a crossover mode on the 1000. Thanks in advance for your reply.