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  1. IT8000 fan noise

    I had a chance to monitor them amp this past weekend the fan kept going on full blown within seconds of receiving a signal. unfortunately I did not see any indication that the temperature was going up that much.. any other leads?? thanks, byron
  2. IT8000 fan noise

    thanks for checking. I'll monitor it this weekend and post back on monday. thanks, byron
  3. IT8000 fan noise

    one of my IT8000's fan is extremely loud. the amp keeps working but the fan kicks in within minutes of turning the amp on and it sound like its going at full speed then it quiets down. any thought? does not need to be sent in? or are there any settings for the fan's speed? thanks, byron
  4. Does my IT8000 need any updates ?

    follow up.. I called customer service and they answered my questions. does anyone know how to erase a topic? thanks, byron
  5. Hi! I have two IT8000s with the warranty to expire on Jan 22, 2012. i was wondering if you can tell me if the following amp #: 8001269838 needs any updates or when was the last time it was sent in ? (for ribbon cable replaced, cleaning). If it needs some updates I would like to take care of it before the warranty expires, obviously. The other amp was serviced just last aug and it had the ribbon replaced among other regular updates. both amps are refurbished. thank you, byron
  6. Crown actually assigned it a new serial number, here it is #15000072506. btw, I tried the amp last night and everything seems to be working fine. I'll get a chance to try it for a longer period of time this coming weekend, hopefully it will be fine. just in case the OLD serial number is: 8000376043. thanks
  7. final update! I finally received my amp last week Aug 17th. and both of my amps are under warranty until Jan 2012. I had been waiting for Leslie to make the call whether or not to honor the warranty. Lucky for me she decided to honor it! apparently, b-stock amps should come with a 1 year warranty card that needs to be mailed in. online registration does not count, so don' t do it online. keep a copy of the warranty card and if you mail it in make sure to pay extra for the delivery confirmation. I registered online but somehow it did not make it. I did have to show proof of purchase and was told that poraudiostar had purchased those amps from another vendor on the west coast which further complicated things, besides the fact that the amp in question had a bad warranty record at crown. anyway, I think as a customer I am happy/grateful with the end result but do have to say that the process was less than satisfactory. However, i do have to give Kevin Heber props for his help. All in all I think crown could/should do a better job at communicating with clients. It is frustrating to get different information from different parts of the company. kevin, I did get a sheet with details much like the list you posted above but I did not get anything specific about the problem my amp was having nor if it was fixed. I assume it was, I will test the amp in the next couple of days and find out. Is the problem my amp was having specifically addressed by any of those items on the check list? byron
  8. Thanks for your help in getting this sorted out. I'll wait until Leslie is back and hopefully this can be resolved. In any case, I already gathered all the related documents (e.g. invoice, payments and ups tracking) to prove that this amp is still under warranty. All things being equal if there is a question about this I am ready to show proof. thanks you again, byron
  9. Kevin, thanks for your response. I am a bit fustrated with this whole process to be honest. the amp in question IS under warranty yet I am being asked to pay this flat amount. I have now being sent to talk to the customer service agent's supervisor. which does not make much sense since this should be covered by the warranty. would you mind clarifying if I missing something here? I have the receipt to prove when I bought the amp. also, I would be happy to get you the name of the person i've been dealing with may be they don't have access to the database to see that the amp's warranty is still good. thanks
  10. another update and WARNING for those who have faulty IT8000 amps! I just learned that as of Jul 1st Crown is charging a flat fee of $670 for IT repairs. btw, they don't even provide details. Normally companies provide some kind of information to customers before hand I guess Crown does not feel the need to do so. i sent in my amp thinking it was going to be about 2hrs of labor @ $70 per hour based on Kevin's info at the top of this thread and it turns out I now have to a bit more than 3 times that for the same issue. Also, this amp was bought under warranty and with a "certified" sticker which I don't know what it means. I looks like the certification is not much of an assurance of product quality control. I don't understand why was this problem not dealt with it at the time someone was inspecting it? I am discouraged because the communication to the customers and even within crown is not consistent and lacks transparency. Live and learn... thanks, byron
  11. quick update! it looks like the SRA website has been down for several weeks and unfortunately no updates are given to customers unless you follow up yourself. in which case you get a standard reply telling you to wait. Anyway, the check in time is 10 days. My amp was received on Jun 28th but I still have not gotten official word from crown that it was received. a word to the wise use delivery confirmation, that is the only way I know that they received it. Unfortunately i don't have extra amps laying around, so I will definitely think twice before sending my other amp next time. btw, not sure if people are aware of this but the "pico-flex cables AND the 50-pin ribbon cable" problem are well documented on these amps and Crown is aware of this yet is not a standard fix when the amps go in for other repairs. Crown does not cover labor @ $70 hr. it only covers parts. It's a bit odd given that this looks like a production problem. one would think this would have been some kind of recall. Anyway, not complaining just sharing so others are aware. thanks, byron
  12. kevin, I sent the amp to crown last week. In doing some reading I noticed that the ribbon cable was a common issue with older amps. should i be concerned that this same issue will happen to the second amp? can tell me if this amp 8001269838 has been serviced in the last year or so. or if this particular issue has been addressed with this amp? am just trying to anticipate this issue ahead of time. I don't have other amps on hand if something goes wrong at a show. thanks
  13. That sounds great. I do have the receipt for both. the warranty card did come with it but I did not send it in for either amp. I'll go ahead and fill out the SRA and send a copy of the receipt. let me know if there is anything else I need before I send it in. thanks for the great service.
  14. i am really surprised! I bought a total of 3 from 1 dealer and 1 from another. This amp in particular was bought not more than 4 months ago. Both dealers claimed than Crown had given a 1 year warranty, but did not disclose the exact date when it would expire, maybe I should have asked. I'll go back to the dealer and see how they respond. I will report back so folks are aware of this. would you mind checking on this amp too 8001269838 I want to make sure so I can go back to them at once. thanks for your help again
  15. oh, man.. I bought this as a refurbished and it only shows 106 hrs operating time. is this accurate or could someone actually go in mess with that number? it just seems strange that amp with so little hours would be having this kinds of issue, on the other hand anything can go wrong and it will at some point, right? here is the serial number: 8000376043 would you mind checking to make sure is still under warranty? I'll go ahead and fill out the SRA.. thanks for your prompt response.