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  1. We are going to try balanced... we ordered a Samson S-box rca-XLR converter that will also bump the voltage up to 1.4v instead of 1.0 that we had.. I be that will make a HUGE difference
  2. I have tried several different set-ups... we need mono/bridge with LPF.. only 1 way to do it really.. and yes we played music through it... not real impressive on the power
  3. How the woofer is hooked up to the speakon or banana terminal? are you using the 2 positive side side of the amp? in the menu are you sure you have it set to mono bridge like in page 4 of the manual? connected via banana terminals we used the 2 positives that are marked to use for bridged mode it is set at mono/bridge LPF
  4. I'm a new to proaudio gear.. EXPERT level in hi-end home and car audio... We decided to use the crown XLS 2000 DC series amp to drive a single subwoofer for an outdoor aplication.. we needed high power and this seemed perfect Sub- TC sounds LMS single 4ohm coil 1500w RMS 3k peak so we are running the amp bridged The crown amp is fed a full range signal by an onkyo Integra reciever via front L/R RCA pre-outs and we are using the integrated LP crossover at 80hz The amp display reads: MONO LP.. so i believe it is set-up properly... To see the amt of power we were going to get, we free-air played the woofer with a 30hz test tone.. using the gain knob on the crown amp we drove it to what the LCD display said was "clipping".. To our suprise we arnt getting anymore excursion than what we saw from our Velodyne 500w class A/B sub amp we had been testing with..... with 2000wRMS of GUARANTEED power I should have been able to bottom that sub out free air.. What gives??.. do we need a line driver to up the imput voltage? (like a samson sbox?) I didn't bother testing the power the sub was seeing.. but I can tell you it was no where near 2100w that the spec sheet says.. PLEASE HELP!! Ryan